Expandable Liner Hangers

Bringing simplification and reliability to liner installations

VersaFlex® liner hanger system combines expandable solid tubular technology with Halliburton's world-class cementing expertise. The liner hanger/packer consists of an integral tieback receptacle and expandable solid hanger body that are bonded with multiple elastomeric elements. The system provides bi-directional anchoring capabilities and a bi-directional annular seal while offering both impressive tensile and compressive load capabilities. Once installed, the deployment tool is retrieved from the well removing potential complications from the wellbore.


  • Eliminate liner-top isolation packers (reduced complexity)
  • Reduce rig time through faster RIH
  • No moving components resulting in improved reliability


  • Less complex completion
  • Reduction in potential leak paths
  • Multiple redundant sealing (packer) elements
  • Field-proven with over 11,000+ installations
  • No slip damage to support casing
VersaFlex® Big Bore System
Designed specifically for deepwater and subsea markets, the VersaFlex® Big Bore system is ideal for complex well conditions. The VersaFlex Big Bore system does not require landing in a pre-determined profile, helping to eliminate complications common to positioning in mudline/casing wellhead profiles.
VersaFlex® Breech Lock System
Halliburton's VersaFlex® Breech Lock system increases compressive load capability of the running tool allowing operators to reach total well depth particularly in extended reach drilling (ERD) wells, while minimizing risks during liner hanger deployment and setting operations.
VersaFlex® High-Torque System
Halliburton's VersaFlex® High-Torque system, with its robust running tool specifically designed for harsh conditions, is the ideal solution for demanding wellbore environments.
VersaFlex® Low ECD System
Ideal for deep water and mature assets, Halliburton's VersaFlex® Low Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) system was developed to handle low pressure formations and fracture gradient sensitive wells.
VersaStim® Expandable Liner Hanger System
Optimized liner hanger configuration for openhole horizontal completions.
XtremeGrip™ Expandable Liner Hanger System
The Halliburton XtremeGrip™ expandable liner hanger system takes the standard VersaFlex liner hanger to the next level. This high-performance, advanced metal sealing technology provides a fully compliant metal seal with a fully bonded resilient elastomeric seal to account for imperfections in the parent casing.
XtremeGrip™ System

XtremeGrip™ System

High-performance hanger ideal for use in deepwater and offshore applications with enhanced hangweight capabilities in elevated temperatures
VersaFlex Low ECD System

VersaFlex® Low ECD System

Reduces pressure drop across the liner top during circulation and cementing which makes it ideal for deepwater and mature assets
VersaStim System

VersaStim® System

Optimized liner hanger configuration for openhole horizontal completions, ideal for unconventional resources

Expandable Liner Hangers

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