Deep Water

Specific Challenge

Installation of a liner hanger in complex deepwater well


Gulf of Mexico



  • Run liner hanger approximately 4,000 ft. with 7 3/4-in. production liner to depth 
  • Cement liner hole annulus to isolate production sand 
  • Hang liner with a competent liner-top anchor/seal package in extremely deviated well


XtremeGrip liner hanger with extrusion rings provides: 

  • Metal-to-metal seal with resilient elastomeric seal 
  • Increased hang-weight capabilities at elevated temperatures while mitigating risks


  • Over 4,000 ft of casing run to bottom of well deviated to 59 degrees 
  • Hanger expanded at pressures modeled by engineers 
  • Job completed successfully with ZERO NPT


An operator in the Gulf of Mexico had just finished drilling the final section of their most recent deepwater well. The 8 1/2-in. x 9 7/8-in. openhole section was side-tracked through a 10 1/8-in. casing window at a depth of 24,210 ft and reached approximately 28,000 ft total depth. The 10 1/8-in. parent casing was set 34 degrees inclination, and the openhole section reached a maximum deviation of 59 degrees at total depth. A liner hanger was required to reliably run approximately 4,000 ft of 7 3/4-in. production liner to depth, cement the liner hole annulus to isolate the production sand, and hang the liner with a liner-top anchor/seal package – a feat that had not been performed without issue using conventional equipment. 

Project Details

While the 81 lb/ft heavy wall parent casing presented a challenge in pre-job models for the traditional VersaFlex® liner hanger system, the XtremeGrip system was up for the challenge. What makes the expandable section of this hanger unique is a series of extrusion rings that replace most of the sealing and anchoring elastomers. These rings are similar to the machined ribs found normally on either side of an elastomer, and when expanded, create a metal-to-metal contact that provides high performance at elevated temperatures. With the XtremeGrip system design, thick wall casing is no longer a challenge. This marks the first installation of the XtremeGrip system in the Gulf of Mexico. 


maximum deviation


ft of casing run



Project Highlights

Over 4,000 feet of casing was run to bottom of the deviated well, which reached a maximum deviation of 59 degrees. Halliburton performed the cement job, isolated the formation, and set the hanger. The hanger expanded under pressure very close to what our modeling engineers predicted. The job was a success with ZERO NPT and the customer has placed more orders for the XtremeGrip system for their future GoM jobs. 


Expandable liner hangers

Integrated ELH to provide positive depth and orientation control

The high-performance XtremeGrip MLT system offers a compliant metal-to-metal seal with fully bonded redundant resilient elastomeric seals that provides a reliable bidirectional and torque resistant anchor in the parent casing.

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XtremeGrip expandable liner hanger system
XtremeGrip expandable liner hanger system

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