Specific Challenge

Overcome gas migration challenges through installation of an isolation system





  • Drill through a long lateral section in a challenging geological environment with varying dip angles
  • Quickly process a large amount of formation data in real time to enable accurate well placement


VersaFlex expandable liner hanger system, featuring: 

  • Hanger/packer design that sets and seals in a single trip 
  • Gas-tight isolation 
  • Liner rotation and reciprocation during cementing 
  • Optimized cement integrity 


  • Successfully completed first installation of VersaFlex system in Uzbekistan 
  • Enabled operator to avoid potential costly remedial operations 
  • The cemented VersaFlex system set and sealed with zero NPT and no service quality or HSE issues


An operator in Uzbekistan was drilling its first exploration well in a major gas field that was expected to contain over 100 billion cubic meters of gas. During the initial well construction stage, the operator encountered gas migration issues across a competitor’s conventional liner-top packer. The operator needed a reliable gastight, liner-top solution that would provide a positive seal to prevent gas migrations and avoid formation breakdowns. 

Challenging high-pressure, gas well conditions

Running liner hanger operations in high-pressure gas wells is challenging, as the liner must be able to reach target depth and provide the capability to rotate and reciprocate the liner string during the cement job. This creates turbulent flow during the cement displacement, which improves the slurry bond and placement, while minimizing potential channeling and migration of gas. Once the cement is displaced, a gas-tight, liner-top packer is required to secure the liner top and provide competent isolation for the life of the well. 


7 x 9-5/8-in. VesaFlex system in Uzbekistan


health, safety, and environmental (HSE) issues


non-productive time (NPT)

First installation of Versaflex system in Uzbekistan

The operator faced the challenge of gas leakage from a competitor’s liner-top packer and was looking for a robust liner hanger isolation system that would optimize cement integrity and wellbore stability in this complex well condition. 

Halliburton proposed the VersaFlex® expandable liner hanger system as a solution for the operator’s first exploration well. The liner hanger assembly was built and exported from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan. In parallel, the Cementing team designed the cement slurry based on the operator’s requirements and cemented the 7-inch liner casing.

Halliburton successfully deployed the first 7 x 9-5/8-inch VersaFlex system in Uzbekistan, which helped the operator prevent a costly remedial operation. The VersaFlex tieback seal assembly was run in hole with the 7-inch production casing and cemented to the surface. The installation was completed with zero non-productive time (NPT) and without any service quality or HSE issues. 

With the highest reliability performance rating in the industry, the VersaFlex system helped Halliburton set a benchmark with its first installation in Uzbekistan.


Liner Hangers

Field-proven, total system approach to liner installations

The Halliburton VersaFlex ELH system is the industry’s first fully engineered ELH system designed for use in land, offshore and deepwater applications.

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VersaFlex ELH system
VersaFlex ELH system

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