Mature Fields

Specific Challenge

Multiple difficulties associated with liner hanger installations

Region - Oman Region - Oman

Middle East

Region - Oman


  • Challenging wellbore environment
  • High dogleg severity and difficult geometry of drilled sections led to difficulties getting conventional liner hanger systems to target depth (TD)
  • Run-in-hole limitations associated with CLH systems insufficient to reach TD


VersaFlex XSL expandable liner hanger system 

  • Allows for a wide operating envelope during deployment to counter the challenges and standardize deployment operations


  • System reliability showcased over 300 consecutive runs without NPT or safety events 
  • Decrease in deployment time led to reduction in overall wellbore construction costs


A large-scale project for an operator in Oman included construction of 300+ wells with a 7 x 9 5/8-inch liner hanger system deployed in each well. However, challenging geological formations and run-in-hole (RIH) limitations associated with conventional liner hanger (CLH) systems created difficulties when installing the 7-inch liner string. After observing multiple service quality (SQ) issues and failed runs, Halliburton replaced the CLH system with the more robust VersaFlex XSL expandable liner hanger system in April 2020. The VersaFlex® XSL liner hanger system provided the operational capability to overcome the challenging formations and wellbore parameters, eliminating the issues associated with running a CLH. Since switching to the VersaFlex® XSL system, Halliburton has completed 300 consecutive runs successfully, with zero SQ or health, safety and environment (HSE) issues. In addition, the system has reduced RIH time, helping the operator save well construction costs.


During the drilling of previous wells, challenging geological formations led to complications while running conventional liner hanger systems. These complications resulted from inadequate RIH compression load and pumping pressure limits, liner lengths, external moving components, and premature setting or unplanned release. This led to a track record of one out of every three jobs having issues associated with service quality.


To improve service quality, Halliburton suggested running the VersaFlex XSL system instead of CLHs. Implementing this change comprehensively required bringing in running tools, expediting manufacturing of components, training field and workshop personnel to help ensure competency, and communicating the change across multiple product service lines. Because of the project size, collaboration and continuous improvement were crucial to operation efficiency and overall success.


wells with liner hanger deployed


consecutive runs with ZERO SQ incidents


reduction in total job time


Since project operations began in April 2020, Halliburton has completed 300 installations, delivering perfect SQ and maximizing asset value. The VersaFlex XSL system delivered an increase in RIH capabilities across all metrics. Coupled with a simplified setting process, a 35% reduction in total job time on average was achieved and the wellbore construction operation was completed with zero NPT. Collaboration between office and field personnel led to standardized RIH methods, optimizing the time required for installation of the 7-inch string during the wellbore construction phase. With more than 80 wells remaining in the project, the robust and reliable VersaFlex XSL system, coupled with the highly capable cementing group processes, will continue to save the operator significant time and costs during well construction and field development. 

VersaFlex XSL expandable liner hanger system

Delivers low-to-moderate load-bearing without sacrificing its gas-tight sealing capability or reliability

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VersaFlex® XSL expandable liner hanger
VersaFlex® XSL expandable liner hanger

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