Specific Challenge

Float liner to depth and minimize torque and drag in ERD well





  • Reduce risks associated with special equipment, such as rupture discs 
  • Eliminate potential hangup points for drill pipe darts 
  • Maximize string weight and torque available to work string to depth


Deploy the XtremeGrip® ELH system: 

  • No additional specialized tools required to isolate the liner from the work string 
  • Superior burst and collapse ratings that enable full string to be run dry 
  • Superior torque ratings that enable maximum torque for reaming operations


  • Reached TD successfully in a single trip 
  • Performed successful cement operation 
  • Set and released ELH setting tool


An Australian offshore operator faced extended-reach drilling (ERD) challenges during a subsea gas well development project. The challenges required added considerations because of torque and drag concerns and the requirement to cement the liner after deployment. To address these challenges, the operator was the first globally to install a 9 5/8-in. × 13 3/8-in. XtremeGrip expandable liner hanger (ELH) system to simplify a dry 9 5/8-in. floated liner deployment. Unlike standard liner deployment operations, this system doesn’t necessitate specialized equipment in the string. The operator successfully deployed the liner to depth, completed cement operations, and set the liner hanger without any issues.


During planning, the operator considered incorporating a sealing mechanism into the liner hanger setting tool. This mechanism would isolate the two volumes between the liner and drill pipe. Typically, a rupture disc within the setting tool section allows the liner to be run dry while the liner hanger and drill pipe are filled with fluid during deployment. However, this design poses risks, including premature activation of the rupture disc due to pressure surges during deployment and the possibility of obstructions during dart deployment.


Halliburton proposed the XtremeGrip ELH system for its proven, robust design and deployment as an alternative solution. This system allows the full string to be run dry without the additional equipment otherwise necessary for a standard liner deployment operation. This system’s superior burst and collapse ratings allow the entire string to be run dry. It can also withstand the differential pressures induced with a floated liner in an ERD well. This eliminates the complexity and risks associated with the inclusion of a rupture disc. The metal-to-metal extrusion ribs provide both bidirectional anchor and seal capabilities and delivers superior liner hanging performance. Additionally, the XtremeGrip ELH system has been tested and qualified to API 19LH V1.


Successfully reached in one trip


NPT to overcome wellbore challenges


Setting tool set and released successfully


As part of the operator’s well development campaign, the team successfully deployed the liner to a depth of 4,392 m MD/1,645 m TVD at a maximum inclination of 86 degrees. Based on torque and drag simulations, the operator planned to ream from 3,392 m MD/1,337 m TVD to the setting depth for the last 1,000 m. During the actual run, due to well conditions, reaming was not necessary and the floated liner reached depth with no issues.

After the liner hanger reached setting depth, mud replaced the air, and the liner was cemented to the top using the Halliburton SSR-II™ cement plug system. The operator observed the plug bump, and the primary flapper setting mechanism hydraulically set and released the liner hanger per plan.

The use of the XtremeGrip ELH system, instead of standard liner deployment equipment, helped the operator address the ERD well challenges. It also eliminated potential risks associated with a rupture disc and resulted in zero NPT.

XtremeGrip expandable liner hanger system
XtremeGrip expandable liner hanger systems

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XtremeGrip expandable liner hanger systems

High-performance, metal-to-metal sealing technology is ideal for complex deepwater wells and ultra-high temperatures for geothermal applications.

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