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Specific Challenge

Ensure reliable performance in HP/HT conditions

Region - Latin America Region - Latin America


Region - Latin America


  • Reduce NPT due to equipment delivery delays and conventional liner hanger failures
  • Minimize risks during liner hanger operations
  • Ensure reliable performance in HP/HT conditions


  • VersaFlex ELH system
  • XtremeGrip ELH system for HP/HT wells


  • Zero NPT
  • Delivered remaining project wells flawlessly
  • Improved performance metrics


In 1997, Repsol Bolivia S.A. began drilling in the Caipipendi Block located in the Bolivian Sub-Andean Zone, kicking off development in 2003. Operations in this highly complex zone can be challenging due to intercalations of hard and abrasive formations. In addition, well depths with high pressure require appropriate liner hanger equipment to avoid excessive loads on the rig and high casing costs.

Repsol initially selected conventional liner hangers but soon experienced problems — all of which resulted in significant non-productive time (NPT).

As drilling continued and well depths increased, exposure to higher pressures and temperatures necessitated a more robust and efficient liner hanger system than the conventional system could provide.


Halliburton approached the operator and proposed the VersaFlex expandable liner hanger (ELH) portfolio, noting the number of successful installations and previous experience deploying ELH technology in the region.

For the HP/HT wells, Halliburton recommended the XtremeGrip ELH system, which offers enhanced capabilities and a simplistic design that minimizes the operating steps typically required to set a liner in elevated pressure and temperature environments.


Average liner running time reduced


Average cementing operations time reduced


Average hanger setting time reduced


NPT - 100% reduction over competitor's technology


Halliburton delivered the planned ELH installations flawlessly. Compared to the competitor’s conventional systems, using VersaFlex and XtremeGrip ELH technology improved operation efficiency, saving Repsol significant time and maximizing asset value.

The proven reliable technology delivered with superior service quality exceeded Repsol’s expectations, increasing confidence in Halliburton ELH solutions and ultimately displacing the conventional system provider. Subsequently, based on Repsol’s experience in Bolivia as a leverage Halliburton has been awarded an expandable liner hanger contract in a major project with similar well conditions in the same LA region.

The engineered liner hanger solution addressed the reservoir conditions on a short timescale, while reducing the impact of future NPT, helping the customer to maximize asset value.

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VersaFlex expandable liner hanger (ELH) systems

The combination of Halliburton industry-leading expandable solid tubular technology with cementing expertise to offer impressive tensile and compressive load capabilities. Reduce completion complexity and rig time with our dependable and versatile expandable liner hangers designed for any well completion.  

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XtremeGrip expandable liner hanger systems

High-performance metal-to-metal sealing technology ideal for complex deepwater wells and ultra-high temperatures for geothermal applications.

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