Conventional Liner Hangers

Standard liner hanger installations matched to wellbore designs

Conventional Liner Hanger Tool

MatchSet™ liner hanger systems help solve well challenges where modular design capability and minimizing risks are key priorities. This suite of conventional liner hanger technologies can result in quantifiable reductions in well construction costs, yet still allow for value in overall performance.

The MatchSet liner hanger system portfolio includes slip type liner hangers such as mechanical or hydraulic-set coupled with a full range of integrated liner-top packers, tieback receptacles, and other complementary components required for a variety of applications.

Regardless of system selection, the goal is always to get the liner to bottom as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our MatchSet liner hanger systems allow for all aspects of a standard liner hanger installation.


  • Compact design
  • Pocket-slip arrangement
  • Uniform slip loading
  • Heavy load hanging capability


  • Modular design adjustable to application configuration
  • Weight-set sealing element
  • Dynamic service tool prior to cementing

Conventional Liner Hangers

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Summary Summary MatchSet™ Hydraulic Latch Landing Collar with Ball Catcher
Plug latching mechanism with ball seat for liner hanger setting
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Tieback Receptacle
High integrity honed sealbores in varying lengths
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Liner Hanger with Integral Liner-Top Packer
Integral liner hanger system for highly deviated or horizontal wells
Summary Summary MatchSet™Setting Sleeve for Liner Hanger
Setting and releasing functionality for liner hanger systems
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Integral Tieback Packer and Tieback Seal Assembly
Liner-top isolation with bi-directional anchoring capability
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Tieback Seal Assembly
Extension of the liner casing string from the tieback receptacle to surface
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Liner-Top Packer
High-performance packer for reliable liner-top seal
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Pocket-Slip Liner Hanger
Protected slips designed for highly deviated or horizontal wells
Summary Summary Halliburton Enters Conventional Liner Hanger Market on Sinclair Well
First MatchSet system is successfully installed in highly deviated horizontal application
Summary Summary Liner Hanger Systems
The Halliburton portfolio of tools offers both expandable and conventional liner hangers to cover all types of well environments from mature and unconventional assets to shallow and ultra-deep water.
Summary Summary Conventional Liner Hangers
MatchSet™ liner hanger systems help solve well challenges where reducing capital expense while minimizing risks are key priorities.
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