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Halliburton’s portfolio of geothermal products and services range from the highest temperature directional drilling tools and production logs to high temperature, non-Portland cement systems.

Developing a geothermal resource can be challenging: identifying “sweet spots” with natural fractures, drilling hard rock while handling lost circulation and intense heat, stimulating igneous rock to improve productivity, and managing the reservoir over time. 

Our approach to geothermal development is aligned with your need to develop your geothermal resource efficiently and profitably.


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Best practices in geothermal resource development

Halliburton understands the complexities of geothermal resource development, whether drilling hard rock while managing lost circulation and intense heat, identifying “sweet spots” with natural fractures, stimulating igneous rock to improve productivity, or managing the reservoir over time, all while dealing with economic constraints.

Halliburton has the expertise to help you efficiently apply cutting-edge technologies customized to geothermal resources so that you achieve operational and financial success:

  • Advanced geophysical and logging techniques to characterize geothermal reservoirs and identify natural fractures
  • Managed pressure drilling techniques to minimize lost circulation
  • Completion and stimulation technologies to enhance well productivity
  • Reservoir modeling and simulation throughout the life of your geothermal resource to help guide reservoir development, production, and water injection
  • Digital oilfield technologies to increase operating efficiency


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