Fluids redefined

Oil-based fluids are not always an option when drilling shale formations. Conventional water-based fluids may not deliver enough performance when drilling reactive shale formations.

Halliburton has engineered an expansive portfolio of high-performance water-based fluids and additives that can be customized to meet your specific challenges.

BaraHib helps maximize wellbore value

BaraHib performance

High-angle, long-reach wells in unstable shales require specially formulated water-based drilling fluids that can maximize wellbore value. BaraHib high-performance water-based fluid systems are engineered to suppress reactive clay hydration, allowing operators to drill longer hole sections and eliminate the need to back ream due to clay swelling.

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The BaraHib portfolio rivals results of oil-based drilling fluid systems
The BaraHib portfolio rivals results of oil-based drilling fluid systems

High performance makes a difference

High performance means a drilling fluid system that rivals the results of oil-based fluids — without the environmental and economical limitations. The BaraHib™ high-performance water-based drilling fluid portfolio includes the Gold, Nano and Plus versions, which prevent clay hydration and dispersion, minimize fluid loss and stabilize the wellbore.

Which Fluid is Right for You?

BaraHib systems are optimized for intermediate sections containing shale formations

Seal and protect with Nano

Some shale formations are prone to instability when drilled with water-based fluids. Issues can occur as filtrate penetrates the shale matrix. Baroid’s nanocomposite wellbore sealant, BaraFLC Nano-1, is formulated to seal weak formations when drilling reactive shales.

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