Slow Rotating Wash Tool for Scale and Organic Deposits Removal

The Halliburton HydraBlast Pro downhole tool is designed for the removal of heavy scale and organic buildup from the inside diameters of casing or tubing.

With a specialized gearing assembly, the cleaning head rotates slower than the conventional free-spinning tools resulting in longer dwell time and increased cleaning efficiency. 

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Improved efficiency and cleaning coverage

In one pass, complete cleaning coverage with improved efficiency over stationary and free-spinning wash tools

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Specialized software to optimize operating parameters

This wash tool features specialized design software to optimize the operating parameters such as pump rate, trip speed, and cleaning head nozzle configuration saving operators time and money. The jetting head is tailored to suit the target application, based on the well configuration and the nature of the targeted removal material.

Customizable for superior service

With the ability to customize the job design for the specific operating scenario, no other services are as well equipped to completely remove scales and organic deposition from the wellbore, regardless of the complexity of the completion, or the persistence of the targeted build-up.


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