Specific Challenge

Poorly designed centralizers did not protect cables causing electrial failure.

Region - Europe Region - Europe


Region - Europe


  • Tight well clearances and multiple ESP short runs primarily related to electrical failure
  • Two different ESP downhole equipment systems


  • Our team redesigned the application to cover the two wells with one GeoESP
  • Custom-designed eccentric centralizers protect cabling and MLE when running into the liner; upgraded Avenger® MLE
  • Critical well procedures followed to ensure flawless installation


  • Lower cost, and wider operating range save energy costs during the summer season
  • Better placement of GeoESP in the liner to mitigate electrical failures


A German geothermal operator with two wells operated by two different electric submersible pumps (ESP) had multiple short runs due to electrical failures either with the cable, motor lead extension (MLE), or the motor. With minimal customer support from the incumbent supplier, they turned to Summit ESP® - A Halliburton Service for a solution.


When evaluating the customer’s equipment, it was determined that poorly designed centralizers had not protected the cables or MLEs when the ESPs were set in the liner, which had tight clearances.


The team began redesigning the application with one GeoESP, which had a wider operating range and could cover both wells at half the cost for the customer.

It would also allow for lower flow rates during the summer season, saving energy costs where there is a reduction in heat demand. Custom-designed eccentric centralizers protected the ESP cabling from damage when running into the liner.


The complete installation of the ESP downhole equipment occurred without damage. Further, the operator could expect better ESP performance as the GeoESP® was landed at a better setting depth within the liner. With the single, broad-range GeoESP solution, the operator also saved the cost of a second unit.


GeoESP redesign


Energy cost


Wells now being monitored


Equipment cost to the customer

Multi-technology solutions

Multiple technologies contributed to cost savings

Avenger® Motor Lead Extension

Avenger® Motor Lead Extension

Avenger® MLE provides increased reliability in high-temperature, highly corrosive gassy wells.


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