Barrier and compression solutions to secure well integrity 

Sustained casing pressure affects approximately 30 percent of wells globally. Remediation of well integrity failure is costly, with a low success rate. Halliburton barrier technology applied during well construction dramatically changes the odds in your favor. Assembling customized solutions from a collection of various polymer blends and mechanical technologies, Halliburton delivers zonal isolation and spacer systems to withstand heavy pressure and mitigate the risk of gas migration.

Explore Halliburton Solutions for Annular Pressure

Obex GasLock® Casing Annulus Packer

Obex GasLock® Casing Annulus Packer

The Obex GasLock® casing annulus packer provides a high-pressure, gas-tight, casing-to-casing seal to mitigate annular gas migration.