Removing uncertainty

The Halliburton InnerVue™ WellSuite  Service is a non-intrusive wellbore and annular diagnostic solution. It detects top of cement and top of plug locatio, it also determines the depth of the top of stuck tools for efficient fishing operation and collects data by connecting directly to the wellhead or pipe system around the wellhead. Utilizing proprietary software, the service analyzes data to locate blockages in the wellbore or annuli. The service requires minimal setup with low operational impact and collects data fast, with preliminary results available within hours.


CO2 emission


PSI maximum operating pressure (690 bar)


Equipment weight


Technician required


  • Non-intrusive, zero CO2 emission
  • Collect data rapidly with minimal equipment and personnel
  • Minimize or eliminate interruption of production
  • Increase confidence before intervention operation
  • Reduce the risks of stuck/lost tools

InnerVue™ WellSuite Diagnostics Service

The Halliburton InnerVue™ PipeSuite Diagnostics Service is a fast, accurate, and low-risk solution for locating and quantifying pipeline problems.

InnerVue™ WellSuite Diagnostics Service

Pressure wave technology for safe, efficient P&A campaigns

The InnerVue™ WellSuite service uses advanced technology to create a pressure wave (or pulse) generated by surface valve manipulation. The pulse travels inside the casing, tubing, or annular space at the speed of sound and returns a reflected wave that corresponds to any features detected in the pipe bore or annulus, including deposition of wax, paraffins, asphaltenes, scale, hydrate, sand, salts, a stuck tool, or even changes in the wellbore medium itself (based on density, viscosity, and other characteristics). This significantly improves planning and reduces operating time and risk during P&A campaigns. 

Enhance planning with smart software and expert support

High resolution instrumentation measures the pressure variations, which are recorded  at an ultra-high sampling rate. Following the datacollectionHalliburton’s team of experts diagnoses the well condition. This includes reporting of reduced wellbore diameter due to build ups in the well or complete blockage caused by sand, scale,  deformation or lost tools. As a result InnerVue™ WellSuite Diagnostics facilitate educated decision-making forremediation plans without sacrificing production while reducing rig time.


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