DPU® Actuated Tubing Perforator

The Halliburton Downhole Power Unit® (DPU) Actuated Tubing Perforator offers a nonexplosive, cost-effective solution to create a single perforation hole in tubing or casing. When workover requirements require rapid mobilization, the Tubing Perforator helps cut costs while providing a safe, effective and dependable solution for perforating the tubing. Offering conveyance flexibility, the Perforator can be run on slickline, electric line, or coil tubing, offering versatility and economy to meet multiple operational requirements.


  • Improved safety and reliability with explosive-free perforating  
  • Eliminates logistical challenges of explosives
  • HSE and user friendly
  • Can reduce the cost of perforating tubing
  • Reduces rig time by minimizing miss runs with other mechanical perforators
  • Conveyance flexible with solutions on slickline, e-line, and coil tubing
  • Compact heli-lift compliant for portable, rapid deployment
  • No risk of damaging annular tubular



  • Operates in multiple tubing grades: J-55, L-80, P-110 and 13 CHR
  • Deployed on proven DPU technology
  • No jarring to achieve a communication hole
  • Doesn’t require explosive-trained personnel
  • Offers proven, dependable perforating operation
  • Provides consistent penetration performance

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