Acquire and evaluate formation fluid samples while drilling

The GeoTap IDS fluid identification and sampling service enables the recovery of reservoir fluid samples while drilling. Operators are able to acquire, recover, and identify multiple samples of uncontaminated formation fluids within hours, rather than days, thus reducing well time and maximizing asset value.

Fast and accurate decision making to enhance reservoir understanding

The GeoTap IDS service provides true formation testing while drilling, minimizing the contamination from drilling fluids and reducing pump-out times for clean samples. The data is recovered rapidly leading to faster and more accurate decision making such as optimizing wellbore placement to achieve maximum production over the lifetime of the reservoir.

Eliminate the need for low-angle pilot wells

The GeoTap IDS service, combined with additional logging-while-drilling solutions, eliminates the time and cost associated with drilling low-angle pilot wells. Operators can now reduce their risks and uncertainties by running GeoTap IDS service in all the sections of the well and get real-time pressure testing while drilling and rapid fluid identification and sampling.

An industry first, the GeoTap® IDS fluid identification and sampling service eliminates the need for pilot wells and dedicated wireline trips to obtain multiple fluid samples, completing a full package of formation testing while drilling capabilities.

Learn about GeoTap® IDS

The new GeoTap IDS sensor from Sperry Drilling services enables reservoir fluid samples to be recovered with LWD technology for the first time

Learn about GeoTap® IDS
GeoTap IDS
GeoTap IDS


  • Obtain representative fluid samples for real-time reservoir characterization
  • Reduce risk and uncertainty in complex reservoirs
  • Reduce drilling risks by optimizing mud weight
  • Improve geocorrelation accuracy and geosteering capabilities
  • Provide data within hours, not days, through reduced pump-out time
  • Eliminate the need for pilot wells, wireline trips, and associated rig time
  • Obtain real-time fluid gradients and fluid mobility (permeability/viscosity indicator)
  • Identify fluid contact points and determine reservoir connectivity/compartmentalization, and depletion
  • Largest recoverable sample volume in the market: up to 15 liters per run


  • On-demand real time identification of reservoir fluid properties
  • Timely downhole capture and surface recovery of multiple fluid samples
  • Increased success of sample quality and integrity
  • Low contamination (<5%) samples obtained within 1 to 4 hours after drilling
  • Identification of Fluid Density, Bubble Point, Compressibility, Temperature, Pressure
  • Larger flow area and less sand-face damage due to the oval shaped probe
  • Bubble point measurement while pumping without the need to stop the clean-up process!
  • Shortest probe distance to bit
  • Harsh Environment (H2S/CO2) kit available

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