Disconnected workflows across subsurface disciplines and the inability to collaborate in real-time can have asset teams spend a lot of time searching for and analyzing high-value log data. Clearly, there is a need to close the gap between the geoscience, petrophysics, and reservoir engineering workflows while minimizing data loss and corruption.


Petrophysics, a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud application is an industry leading petrophysical solution that supports comprehensive data acquisition to reservoir characterization on the innovative iEnergy® Cloud. This integrated well log evaluation software helps deliver accurate subsurface interpretations rapidly and efficiently by closing the gap between petrophysics, geoscience, and reservoir engineering workflows on a single data platform. This further enables single-well, multi-well, reservoir, and field-scale petrophysical capabilities for the entire asset lifecycle.

Petrophysics software offers access to a wide range of petrotechncial tools that help accelerate the formation evaluation process throughout the asset lifecycle by enabling integrated workflows across subsurface disciplines. Results seek to include better reservoir definition, accelerated workflows, and reliable operations – even in the most complex plays.

Fig. 1: Petrophysics, a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud application helps accelerate formation evaluation by enabling integrated workflow across subsurface disciplines.


Petrophysics is a user-friendly application that connects subsurface evaluation and reservoir engineering with integrated workflows – for both single and multi-well studies.

Integrated Disciplines

Users can integrate petrophysics, geomechanics, rock physics, and other advanced analyses on this single petrophysical platform for integrated evaluations. Generating precise evaluations was never this easy.

Smart, Scalable and Interactive

The application leverages interconnected workflows for single-well to multi-well analysis on a unified platform that is user-friendly, interactive, and scalable.

Connected Data

By using OpenWorks® project data management system, the Petrophysics application helps users store, search, and retrieve well data from across the entire field.


This robust cloud application offers access to a comprehensive range of petrotechncial tools that apply user-friendly workflows to help deliver accurate evaluations of conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Enhance Formation Understanding

The software can run deterministic or probabilistic workflows for accurate petrophysical interpretations and offers a wide spectrum of workflows applied to geomechanics, rock physics, and other disciplines.

Smart Interpretations

Apply neural networks, Self-Organizing Maps, and other ML approaches within the application to predict continuous logs or discrete zonations and help develop accurate forecasts across workflows.

Understand Risk

With the Petrophysics well log evaluation application, you can also apply Monte Carlo simulations to quantify uncertainty on petrophysical deliverables. This helps minimize risk across your E&P assets.


With a more accurate characterization of rock properties, the Petrophysics application helps accelerate decision-making by reducing uncertainty in complex analyses.

Confident Decisions

Share subsurface data and dynamic models across disciplines and enable multi-domain collaboration to improve integration among your teams, even in complex plays. Petrophysics by DecisionSpace® 365 can help in decision making quickly and confidently.

Enhanced Data Value

The Petrophysics application can provide accurate and reliable analysis at your fingertips, practically anytime, anywhere and help maximize the value of your E&P data.

Fig. 2: Image log analysis being performed in the Petrophysics suite where a logplot including interpreted picks can be visualized in a stereonet.


From its industry-leading information management platform to its timesaving petrotechnical analysis capabilities, everything about the Petrophysics application is designed to help make formation evaluation simpler and more efficient. Whether you are looking at a single well or an entire basin, this application helps you understand rock and fluid behavior deeply, so you can make faster decisions, more accurate well placements, and improve net present value. Asset teams can now optimize performance throughout every stage in the asset lifecycle.


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