Precise surface seismic data, accurate reservoir analysis 

The Halliburton FiberVSP™ service offers a quick, cost-effective, and low-risk solution for acquiring high-spatial-resolution VSP data. FiberVSP integrates seamlessly with the full range of Halliburton borehole seismic services, delivering in-field data preprocessing and quality control with visual inspection of denoised seismic shot records. FiberVSP data acquisition reporting incorporates data images, first-break picks, interval velocity plots for static-source offsets, and discrete SEG-Y trace files on location with complete header information. 


Channel spacing 


Distributed acoustic sensing


Time-lapse reservoir imaging


Single component

Multipurpose fiber to maximize recovery and increase reserves

FiberVSP records all seismic auxiliary signals, such as GPS timestamp, time-zero pulse, and reference sweep signal, directly onto the optical data stream. This allows for precise detection of each seismic record’s start time in real time. Halliburton FiberBHS software enables in-field data preprocessing, quality control, visual data analysis, and field-processing reporting. On-location trace files deliver source parameters, timing, and navigation data. 

Rigorously calibrated, high-fidelity geophysical technology

Halliburton FiberVSP accesses and interrogates both single-mode and multimode fiber-optic cables deployed retrievably or permanently (requiring no well intervention). The FiberVSP acquisition system calibrates and sets up the distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) interrogator unit which is optimized for each well. Among other parameters, this sets the appropriate gauge length, pulse width, and optical power to minimize optical fading, maximize signal to noise, and provide the highest spatial resolution.  


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