Monitor reservoirs to increase production, improve recovery, and find bypassed pay

The Halliburton Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector™ (RMT-3D) pulsed-neutron service solves for water, oil, and gas saturations within reservoirs using three independent measurements (Sigma, C/O, and SATG). This provides the ability to uniquely solve simple or complex saturation profiles in reservoirs, while eliminating phase-saturation interdependency. This information can be used to monitor reservoirs, increase production, improve recovery, and find bypassed pay in some of the most difficult situations.


Single-trip solution for reliable water conformance evaluation

The SPECTRUM®  real-time hybrid CT service, combined with an RMT-3D pulsed-neutron tool and a PLT, enabled a successful logging program, including both the drift-run and water-flow logs.

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Using data from the RMT-3D, we leverage AcessFrac diversion technology to ensure an increase in the stimulated reservoir area with a re-frac
Using data from the RMT-3D, we leverage AcessFrac diversion technology to ensure an increase in the stimulated reservoir area with a re-frac.

Casedhole Formation Evaluation

The RMT-3D service provides the following information:

  • Water, oil, and gas saturation evaluation
  • Flood/EOR monitoring
  • Gas phases:
    • Natural gas | Nitrogen | CO2 | Steam | Nitrogen | Air
  • KUTh spectral gamma ray
  • Elemental yields for mineralogy:
    • Carbon | Oxygen | Silicon | Calcium | Magnesium
    • Hydrogen | Iron | Chlorine | Sulfur | Potassium
    • Aluminum | Titanium | Gadolinium
  • Casedhole porosities
  • Gravel pack evaluation
  • Water flow velocity and direction

Flood monitoring

Secondary and enhanced oil recovery projects need to be monitored to maximize production. The RMT-3D service accurately measures oil, water, and gas saturations in mixed or unknown formation water salinities. With this information, informed decisions can be made to manage the field for greater recovery.

Conventional to unconventional solutions

In conventional and unconventional reservoirs, the RMT-3D service provides detailed knowledge about porosity, volumes, mineralogy, lithology, and the water, oil, and gas saturations. This data is analyzed to create advanced solutions to produce the information our customers need to make informed decisions on their wells.

Elemental yields and mineralogy

The RMT-3D service generates high-energy neutrons that interact with both the matrix and fluids. Neutrons, going through a series of collisions, go from high to low energy before they’re finally captured. These interactions produce gamma rays of specific energies, based on the atomic element. 

Spectral gamma ray

With the neutron generator off, the RMT-3D service can passively listen to naturally occurring radioactive elements such as potassium, uranium, and thorium. KUTh analysis is used for advanced shale and clay typing through the use of crossplotting both potassium and thorium. These measurements can be used as a shale indicator where normal total gamma ray tools are ineffective due to uranium-rich formations.

Advanced solutions and products

  • Casedhole FracCombo services: Pulsed neutron in combination with slim sonic
  • Carbon-Oxygen ratio derived saturations: Oil saturation for fresh, mixed, or unknown formation water salinity
  • SATG-derived saturations: Gas saturation in fresh, mixed, or unknown formation water salinity
  • Sigma-derived saturations: Traditional oil or gas saturation in high formation water salinity
  • KUTh spectral gamma ray: Potassium, uranium, and thorium natural gamma ray
  • Water flow velocity and direction, inside or outside of casing
  • Gravel pack integrity
An image of RMT-processed-Log


The RMT-3D service is designed with a focus on combinability to save time and cost by gathering all data requirements with a single trip in the hole.

Combinability includes, but is not limited to:

  • Production logging: Standard and array production logging tool suites for water, oil, and gas entry and flow
  • CBL: Casing-to-cement and cement-to-formation bond log
  • RCBL: Radial casing-to-cement and cement-to-formation bond log
  • CAST-M™ tool: High-resolution radial casing-to-cement bond log and casing integrity
  • Multifinger caliper tool: High-resolution radial casing integrity and evaluation

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