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The Reservoir Xaminer service is Halliburton's next-generation formation testing and sampling service that offers solutions for efficiently characterizing dynamic reservoirs. It can test both fluids and rocks to obtain essential information for exploration, production, and injection.

This industry-leading service was engineered with the operator's top reservoir evaluation challenges in mind - acquire more data, customize objectives, increase reliability, perform in tough conditions, real-time monitoring, and reduce operating time.

High performance and reliability

State-of-the-art electronics offer more reliability and reduce nonproductive time. An improved power system allows for more flexible and complex configurations to acquire more data in a single run.

Stress testing

With increased differential pressure limits, the high strength straddle packer enhancement can now initiate and propagate fractures to perform microfrac operations at higher breakdown pressures. Additionally, the controlled flow back feature can measure cap rock closure. 

Low-mobility sampling

A modular tool string and large area probes offer solutions for low mobility sampling based on rock or fluid properties. 

Fluid composition

Halliburton’s ICE Core® optical fluid measurement and analysis service provides gas-oil ratio and light and heavy components, including SARA fractions. Additionally, the fluid ID sensor provides high-resolution density, dielectric, and resistivity measurements. 

Enhanced gradients, four times the data at each stop

The enhanced probe section (EPS) features state-of-the-art, on-depth, dual-probe quartz gauges that capture high-resolution gradients in less time. This provides operators with four times the data density compared to previous technology.

The unique probe design offers a flexible pretest for both high- and low-mobility testing. We offer a variety of probe options to fit each reservoir challenge, including a focused probe, dual probes, and oval pads. The large oval pad is optimized for focused sampling and features an independent pump system for improved control.

Reservoir Xaminer™ Formation Testing Service

Reservoir Xaminer™ Formation Testing Service

Technological advancements

  • First-to-market enhanced probe section with dual probes
  • High-strength straddle packer
  • Low-mobility sampling with oval pad technology

Enhance asset value, now and in the future

This platform was engineered to evolve over time with enhanced bolt-on capabilities. With a new physical design, automation, and digital enhancements, the Reservoir Xaminer formation testing service is prepared for expansion to address future challenges, like higher flow rate, increased temperatures, and larger volume testing.

By leveraging new physical design, automation, and digital enhancements Halliburton is prepared to expand solutions to solve future challenges measuring deeper into the reservoir like never before

Chris Tevis, VP, Wireline and Perforating
Bolt-on capabilities for future expansions
Bolt-on capabilities for future expansions

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