Formation and Reservoir Solutions (FRS)

Formation and Reservoir Solutions (FRS) is a highly specialized multidisciplinary team of geoscience experts providing interpretation services in the geology, geophysics, petrophysics, reservoir engineering, geomechanics, and production engineering domains.

Our FRS teams collaborate with customers in all regions to create a clearer understanding of the reservoir and offers the insight they need to make sound decisions.

This is especially vital for developing and managing assets like Unconventionals, Deep Water, and Mature Fields that present difficult, complex challenges.

Our industry-leading reservoir characterization workflow-based interpretations include ShaleXpertSM, TightGasXpertSM, CarbonateXpertSM, TurbiditeXpertSM, and FracInsightSM services to name a few.

Let our experts show you how to maximize your assets.


Formation and Reservoir Solutions

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Summary Summary Halliburton Wireline and Perforating Capabilities
Halliburton Wireline and Perforating Services has industry-leading technology. But in this market, technology is just the price of entry. A wide range of integrated services sets us apart from most of our competitors. Our accessibility, collaborative attitude, reliability and responsiveness set us apart from the rest.
Summary Summary Wireline and Perforating Catalog
Summary Summary MRIL-2D Fluid Characterization
2-Dimensional Fluid Characterization - T1T2 (2DFC-T1T2 analysis) is now available with both the MRIL®-XL and MRIL®-Prime services from Halliburton Wireline & Perforating.
Summary Summary Well Integrity Management
Maintaining production while mitigating risk
Summary Summary Halliburton Advanced Cement Evaluation service saved operator $1.2 million and 16 days of rig time.
Unique log analysis service can distinguish between lightweight cement and fluids, eliminating need for cement squeezes caused by uncertainty.
Summary Summary Oil giant overcame salt structure and saved $10 million with look-ahead borehole seismic
Halliburton provided the information this Latin American oil company needed to continue drilling a well it was ready to abandon
Summary Summary Halliburton helped company optimize production with horizontal logging technology
Halliburton provided accurate, real-time production logging service for horizontal wells
Summary Summary Halliburton technology helps Cobalt International Energy save more than USD 10 million in presalt carbonates
Saving deepwater rig time with cutting-edge technology and collaboration
Summary Summary Precise formation evaluation of complex mineralogies in shale gas plays - Chinese
Halliburton’s GEM™ elemental analysis tool provides superior results to competitor’s tool in shale gas market
Summary Summary How Statoil determined tubing and annular integrity in a scaled and corroded completion
Effective assessment of cement and casing conditions in mature wells
Summary Summary UltraSlim™ Logging Services
Halliburton’s new UltraSlim™ logging service delivers the same, high-quality data you would expect to get from full-size tools.
Summary Summary Formation Evaluation Capabilities
Deepwater Risk Mitigation
Summary Summary The LOGIQ® Platform
Breakthrough Technology for Openhole Logging
Summary Summary Casing Integrity Monitoring for Mature Fields
Over time, casing strings can begin to deteriorate, affecting the production and safety of the well. Keeping a close eye on the integrity of casing strings is important, as it helps to prevent critical failures and avoid unnecessary intervention. Through improved casing integrity monitoring services, we help operators maximize well productivity while reducing the risk of reservoir damage or NPT.
Summary Summary FracInsight Service - “Where to Frac”
The Halliburton FracInsightSM service is an unbiased repeatable software tool used to select perforation clusters and frac stage locations, based on the best available data along a horizontal well.
Summary Summary TripleSat™ Model
This unique interpretation model is specifically designed for use with Halliburton’s reservoir monitoring tools. The TripleSat model employs a combination of C/O and sigma measurements and is used to calculate saturation when three fluids are present in the reservoir.
Summary Summary CarbOxSat™ Model
This interpretive model is specifically designed for saturation analysis of a single well based on Halliburton C/O logs. The CarbOxSat model is used for interpreting oil saturation in reservoirs whe
Summary Summary TightRockXpertSM Service—Advanced Low-Perm Asset
Recently, Halliburton developed TightRockXpertSM service, a new integrated solution based on an optimized workflow for low perm, partially cemented gas sands.
Summary Summary Cased-Hole RMT-3D™ Mineralogy and KUTh Spectral Gamma Ray
• Cased-Hole TightGasXpertSM service—Gas saturation, porosity, lithology, and brittleness in tight rock • Cased-Hole FracCombo service—Pulsed neutron in combination with slim sonic • Sigma derived saturations—Traditional oil or gas saturation in high formation water salinity • Carbon-Oxygen derived saturations—Oil saturation for fresh, mixed, or unknown formation water salinity • SATG saturation—Gas saturation in fresh, mixed, or unknown formation water salinity • KUTh spectral gamma ray—Potassium, uranium, and thorium natural gamma ray analysis for describing shale and clay properties The Halliburton Reservoir Monitor Tool-3 Detector™ (RMT-3D™) tool achieves enhanced formation evaluation, through passive and active modes, to provide elemental mineralogy and shale typing information for better characterization of your reservoir.
Summary Summary LOGIQ WaveSonic Service
Halliburton’s LOGIQ® WaveSonic® crossed-dipole sonic tool makes it easy to determine fast and slow shear-wave travel times and their orientation in the formation. With the WaveSonic service, you can even calculate minimum and maximum principal stresses and stress field orientation by combining oriented slowness data with overburden and pore-pressure data.
Summary Summary Halliburton saves time and money in deepwater southeast Asia
Two large-scale deepwater projects successfully launched using Halliburton’s advanced technology and top service delivery
Summary Summary GasSat (3D) Model
Halliburton TMD3D™ Pulsed Neutron tool, the GasSat™(3D) cased hole interpretation model is designed for gas (or light hydrocarbon) saturation analysis of a single well
Summary Summary High-Resolution Images, AVO Calibration, Anisotropy Estimation, and Fracture Walkaway, Walkaround VSP, Detection for Enhanced Reservoir Characterization
Halliburton Borehole Seismic Services (BHS) helps enhance unconventional reservoir characterization with customized high-resolution...
Summary Summary Innovative Halliburton Oval Focused Pad helped operator obtain cleaner samples faster
Unique dual flow sections of Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) tester with Oval Focused Pad helped obtain clean samples in half the time
Summary Summary Crossed-Dipole (HTI) Anisotropy Analysis
Sonic crossed-dipole anisotropy analysis—the analysis of shearslowness characteristics around the borehole—is modeled in the industry as a formation with horizontal transverse isotropy (HTI).
Summary Summary Crossed-Dipole (HTI-F) Anisotropy Frequency Analysis
The broadband firing of the Xaminer®-level dipole sources allows for a full-frequency analysis and the generation of mechanism plots for visually identifying the possible causes of the anisotropy that can then be confirmed with other sensors, such as resistivity and acoustic imaging.
Summary Summary Vertical Transverse Isotropy (VTI) Anisotropy Analysis
Improve Well Performance with More Accurate Geomechanics Answers Using Horizontal Shear
Summary Summary Stoneley Wave Fracture Conductivity Analysis
Sonic waveform analysis of Stoneley-mode arrivals can locate and estimate the conductivity of fractures crossing a borehole. A key feature of the analysis is to discriminate Stoneley responses due solely to conductive fractures by using borehole Stoneley waves recorded by a Xaminer®-level borehole sonic tool.
Summary Summary ShaleXpertSM
Advanced Source Rock Reservoir Analysis Solution
Summary Summary Log Viewer Version 10.0.1 - January 2018
Halliburton Log Viewer version 10.0.1 Software Download - January 2018
Summary Summary Deepwater Reservoir Solution Center (DW-RSC)
Offers world-class solutions and services in a wide variety of deepwater reservoirs, from conventionals to turbidites and presalt carbonates.
Summary Summary FracInsight® Analysis
The Halliburton FracInsight® Analysis is an unbiased repeatablesoftware tool used to select perforation clusters and frac stagelocations, based on the best available data along a horizontal well.
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