Corrosive Hostile Environment (CHE™)

Corrosion is a constant threat to virtually all areas of the oil and gas industry. With an ever-increasing push to exploit hostile reservoirs, perforating equipment must be able to withstand harsh environments.

Halliburton’s Corrosive Hostile Environment (CHETM) system targets corrosive environments, which would deteriorate standard system components over time leading to increased downhole debris. This could potentially damage millions to tens of millions of dollars of surface production equipment when flowed to surface.

The CHE system offers exceptional corrosion protection from H2S, CO2, saltwater immersion, corrosive vapors, and other hostile environments due to its transmission properties. The novel tubing-conveyed CHE gun system incorporates special materials that can more than triple the service life of components. This allows access to reservoirs that once were not technologically viable to produce.

The CHE system provides the long-term assurance needed to protect downhole and surface investments. It’s built to survive downhole without significant deterioration for +/- 20 years. All exposed system components are modified with special CHE machinable materials to resist deterioration. The components include perforating gun bodies, gun connectors, firing systems, firing head shrouds, deployment connectors, and Detach™ tools.

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