Target Detection System (TDS) Service

Precise equipment orientation reduces risk of completion damage during perforating

Target Detection System (TDS) Service Tool

Accurately identifying the orientation of fiber cable is critical for maintaining the integrity of permanently installed fiber during perforating operations. Our Target Detection System (TDS) service offers the clearest output for finding cable equipment installed on the outside of casing. Once the cable has been located, safe directional perforating can be performed.

The TDS service uses pulsed-eddy current (PEC)
time-domain decay to determine the location of external equipment on the outside of casing. In some cases, depending on their configuration, flat pack installations can also be detected*. The exciter coil of the Metal Anomaly Tool (MAT) induces a localized magnetic field before the coil is switched off and the field collapses.

Due to the metal properties of the external equipment’s, the magnetic field decay is longer in the presence of additional metal mass. Instead of relying on a single peak signal, the TDS service uses proprietary algorithms that can accurately discriminate two or more points of reference. This significantly improves the accuracy of detecting the fiber cable’s orientation.

Passive monitoring
Traditional oriented perforating in horizontal applications relies on gravity weight bars to align guns in the correct direction. This method does not guarantee that once downhole all the guns will be facing the correct way. This can lead to unintentional damage of the fiber installation. Using the Accelerometer Orientation Tool (AOT) with gravity weight bars, we can confirm gun orientation before firing and make adjustments if necessary.

Active gun control
The ability to position guns on command eliminates surface errors that can occur when aligning guns with traditional methods. It also mitigates the risk of orientation gun subs backing off.

Using the high-torque motor of the Powered Swivel Joint (PSJ), perforating guns can be oriented with precision in real time. With accuracy within 6°, up to 80 feet of 3⅜-in. guns can be rotated to any desired orientation**.

Software inputs allow each gun to be automatically rotated on command without having to calculate the necessary swivel rotation.

*Detections rely on the flat pack being in direct contact with the casing.

**Using friction-reducing hardware can increase the amount of guns that can be rotated.

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