Releasable Cable Heads

Maximize high-strength cable’s pull force, controlled, safe release when needed

Multiconductor - Releasable Wireline Cable Head (RWCH)

As part of our integrated risk management system, our Releasable Wireline Cable Head (RWCH) enables the maximum pull force during multiconductor logging operations.

It has an electrically activated wireline release system as opposed to the tension-activated release system of conventional cable heads. Tension-activated heads require a portion of the pulling force of a cable to be used only for mechanical separation of the cable from the logging tool.

This common practice prevents the use of the full safe load on the wireline. It limits your ability to free stuck tools or convey heavy tool strings into deep wells. Through the RWCH’s electrically activated design, you have the ability to pull to the safe working load of the cable for any operation.

Cable Safe-Release tool (CSR)

Specialized for cased-hole applications and available in 1.69-in. and 2.75-in. outside diameters, the Cable Safe-Release (CSR) tool addresses your challenges associated with electric wireline removal. It provides a release method that is not dependent on weakpoint values or the availability of electric contact for telemetry control of a release operation.

In a controlled and safe manner, the CSR decouples from the stuck tool string. It does so simply by placing the sub in tension at a predetermined load for a specified period of time. The release process uses proven hydraulic time-delay technology with electric wireline tension to cause mechanical release of the cable from the stuck tool string.

The CSR can be placed down the tool string to retrieve costly logging tools located above the CSR and stuck point. Additionally, multiple CSR tools can be configured within a tool string for staged multiple release points.

Releasable Cable Heads

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