Deployment & Risk Mitigation

Engineered to effectively reduce sticking risk while evaluating your subsurface

Safe, efficient, and predictable performance is our commitment to our customers. We have the tools necessary to ensure we get your evaluations completed without worry of sticking tools unnecessarily.

Engineering up front, prejob modeling to mitigate risk

Using *Cerberus™ modeling system for prejob planning on every job, every operation’s risk is quantified. We can customize each job to help prevent stuck tools or fishing operations by using the optimum and safest possible conveyance equipment for any specific situation.

Stronger, more reliable cables

Our ultrahigh-strength wireline cables have a safe operating capacity of up to 23,000 lb of tension. This is enough to convey the heaviest of evaluation tool strings to depths in excess of 7 miles (11 km). The ultrahigh-strength cables also feature extreme crush resistance, making them the most reliable option available for wireline operations in deepwater wells.

When gravity isn’t enough

Our Toolpusher service is engineered to run on the end of your drillpipe when gravity isn’t enough to get the logging string to the bottom of the well. Or, when modeled tension may exceed the cable-safe working load.

*Cerberus is a trademark of NOV-CTES

LockJar® Multi-Conductor E-Line Hydraulic Jar
Simple, effective device for freeing a stuck tool string during openhole logging
Mono Conductor Tension Device
Designed to operate with perforating guns or other explosive services, Halliburton’s Mono-Conductor Tension Device (MCTD) provides downhole tension measurements at the cablehead for improved operational control.
Pump Down Visualization (PDV)
Pump-Down Visualization software displays the position of the guns in relation to the well directional survey supplied by the operator
Pump-Down Visualization service and Mono-Conductor Tension Device
Pump-Down Visualization service and Mono-Conductor Tension Device help navigate torturous well paths confidently with real-time feedback
Releasable Cable Heads
As part of our integrated risk management system, our Releasable Wireline Cable Head (RWCH) enables the maximum pull force during multiconductor logging operations.
Target Detection System (TDS) Service
Our Target Detection System (TDS) service offers the clearest output for finding cable equipment installed on the outside of casing.
The Halliburton XSpace™ Platform
The Halliburton XSpace™ platform can manage all data types from drilling and evaluation through completions and production. Additionally, the system supports interventions and eventual abandonment throughout a well’s life cycle.

Integrated Conveyance and Risk Mitigation

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