DeepSuite™ Wireline Tool Technology

Unmatched Deepwater Wireline and Perforating Capabilities

Deepwater wells are reaching farther and into higher-temperature and higher-pressure environments than ever before. The high financial, human and technical risks of deepwater exploration and production require the best equipment possible.

Halliburton has absolutely everything needed to help safely and successfully perform jobs in any deepwater environment. Our innovative solutions feature new capabilities that redefine what is possible in ultra-deepwater plays and enable new levels of risk mitigation for operators. These solutions meet the extreme demands of the next generation of deepwater wells exceeding 40,000 feet. Our full complement of wireline and perforating technologies withstands pressures up to 35,000 psi and temperatures up to 500°F.

This product range includes:

  • The industry’s highest-capacity cable technology
  • The industry’s highest-capacity unit and drum
  • The industry’s highest-capacity capstan
  • Our one-of-a kind hydraulic jar with built-in hydraulic delay
  • A cutting-edge free-point tool offering safety, ease and speed
  • Innovative combo units capable of running both slickline and wireline


What makes these capabilities interesting is not just that they are the best in the industry. It’s that they can perform extreme operations safely and routinely.

If you haven’t looked at Halliburton Wireline and Perforating Services lately, perhaps it’s time.

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Summary Summary LOGIQ® Dual-Spaced Neutron II Tool (DSN II™)
The LOGIQ® DSN II™ tool is a thermal neutron tool designed to measure formation porosity from neutronnuclei interactions. Neutron porosity logs provide total fluid information for use with resistivity logs and/or pulsed neutron logs in determining formation water saturation. They can be combined with density logs to provide an indication of formation gas saturation and also with density and/or sonic logs to provide indications of formation lithology. In open holes, the LOGIQ DSN II tool is usually combined with the Spectral Density Logging Tool (SDLT™) and the Natural Gamma Ray Tool (NGRT™). In cased holes, the LOGIQ DSN II tool is usually combined with the NGRT tool and DITS™ casing collar locator.
Summary Summary MRIL-2D Fluid Characterization
2-Dimensional Fluid Characterization - T1T2 (2DFC-T1T2 analysis) is now available with both the MRIL®-XL and MRIL®-Prime services from Halliburton Wireline & Perforating.
Summary Summary Relay™ Digital Slickline System
Intelligent Slickline conveyance for well intervention
Summary Summary Improving the Recovery of Your Well
Delivering the lowest cost per BOE
Summary Summary Deepwater Capabilities
Industry-Leading Technologies for Deepwater Solutions
Summary Summary MaxFire® electronic firing system saves Gulf of Mexico operator USD 2.2 million
Lightning strikes and disables operation, but Halliburton’s MaxFire® electronic firing system delivers, saving USD 2.2 million in rig time
Summary Summary Halliburton Electronic Firing System Saves USD 800,000 Per Well in a Single-Trip Completion
The cost of operating in deepwater Angola demands efficiency and reliability. When an operator needed a solution to reduce firing head initiation pressure to test and complete their wells, they turned to Halliburton for an answer.
Summary Summary Halliburton technology helps Cobalt International Energy save more than USD 10 million in presalt carbonates
Saving deepwater rig time with cutting-edge technology and collaboration
Summary Summary Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool (CAST-I) Service
CAST-I tool results confirmed casing integrity, saved USD 10 million by avoiding unnecessary sidetrack
Summary Summary Electronic firing system successfully initiates 222 ft (68 m) of large OD guns in extreme conditions
Halliburton’s innovative MaxFire® technology meets operator’s perforating challenges in Gulf
Summary Summary The Halliburton Xaminer™ Coring Tool retrieved 71 sidewall core
High recovery rate helps Petrobras achieve objectives while saving 24 hours of deepwater-drillship time.
Summary Summary Halliburton Integrated Abandonment Solutions
Halliburton Integrated Abandonment Solutions offers complete well diagnostics through its cased-hole portfolio. Combining tool outputs, a complete pre-abandonment diagnosis of the well is carried out.
Summary Summary Operator’s deepest TVD well perforated with MaxFire® electronic firing system
Operator and Halliburton partner to surpass perforation records MaxFire® electronic firing system successfully initiated perforation in Gulf of Mexico
Summary Summary MaxForce® Flow Ultra-Kleen Gun System delivers unsurpassed flow area with lowest gun debris in the Gulf of Mexico
Gun system meets client’s expectations at extreme downhole pressure greater than 21,000 psi (1,448 bar)
Summary Summary Exploring one of the world's largest natural gas finds in an area with no oilfield infrastructure
Halliburton’s unique, mobile wireline facilities provide cost-effective, reliable, support for operator’s deepwater exploration efforts in Tanzania.
Summary Summary Revolutionary advance in freepoint determination saves operator $500,000 of deepwater rig time.
Halliburton helped deepwater operator in Gulf of Mexico save at least 10.5 hours of non-productive time (NPT) in stuck pipe situation
Summary Summary Simple, effective device for freeing stuck tool string
Halliburton LockJar® system helps operator avoid nonproductive time and costly fishing jobs in openhole logging operations
Summary Summary Halliburton saves time and money in deepwater southeast Asia
Two large-scale deepwater projects successfully launched using Halliburton’s advanced technology and top service delivery
Summary Summary Halliburton Collaborates with Client to Develop World’s First Corrosive Hostile Environment Gun System
CHE™ technology built to last 20-plus years in extreme deepwater environments
Summary Summary Wellbore Cleanout Saves Customer USD 18 Million
Operation helps customer avoid 90 days f deferred production and a coiled-tubing intervention
Summary Summary Statoil Saves Substantial Rig Time Using Efficient Conveyance in Deep Water
Halliburton Extended-Stroke DPU® tool offers dependability, power, and savings
Summary Summary Vertical Transverse Isotropy (VTI) Anisotropy Analysis
Improve Well Performance with More Accurate Geomechanics Answers Using Horizontal Shear
Summary Summary Formation Evaluation Capabilities
Deepwater Risk Mitigation
Summary Summary Integrated Characterization Section D - HP
Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) Formation Tester - HP
Summary Summary Multi-Chamber Section - HP - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Xaminer® Array Sonic Tool (XAST™) Service
Ultra-Reliable Crossed-Dipole Sonic Tool
Summary Summary Dual-Port Straddle Section - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary RDT™ Formation Tester - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Dual-Probe Section - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Integrated Characterization Section B - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Integrated Characterization Section A - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Fluid-Identification Section - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Integrated Characterization Section C - HP - Gulf of Mexico
HP Integrated Characterization Section-C
Summary Summary Flow Control Pump-out Section - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Dual-Port-Straddle Packer High-Strength-HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Bulk Chamber Section - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary RDT Focus Sampling
RDT Focus Sampling animation
Summary Summary Reservoir Description Tool
RDT animation
Summary Summary Cable Safe Release Tool
Summary Summary Halliburton Free Point Tool
Halliburton Free Point Tool video.
Summary Summary Borehole Compensated Sonic Array Tool (B-SAT)
Halliburton Wireline and Perforating Services' Borehole Compensated Sonic Array Tool (B-SAT) service integrates two monopole transmitters with an array of five piezoelectric receivers. The full waveform data is digitally recorded permitting advanced data analysis and quality control for waveform amplitude, slowness, and arrival time in both open hole and cased hole applications.
Summary Summary Stoneley Wave Fracture Conductivity Analysis
Sonic waveform analysis of Stoneley-mode arrivals can locate and estimate the conductivity of fractures crossing a borehole. A key feature of the analysis is to discriminate Stoneley responses due solely to conductive fractures by using borehole Stoneley waves recorded by a Xaminer®-level borehole sonic tool.
Summary Summary Gamma Telemetry Tool
Gamma Telemetry Tool
Summary Summary Addressable Release Tool (ART)
The Addressable Release Tool (ART) is designed for use in wells where the controllable release of all, or part of, a stuck tool string may be required and/or higher pulling weights would be desirable
Summary Summary Toolpusher™ Logging (TPL) Service
The Toolpusher™ logging service provides a low-risk and cost-effective means to acquire premium-quality wireline logging data in highly deviated and horizontal wells.
Summary Summary LOGIQ® Array Compensated Resisitivity Tool (ACRt™) System
Halliburton's Array Compensated Resisitivity Tool (ACRt™) logging system combines the latest-generation sonde geometry and architecture with state-of-the-art design and software for array induction with unparalleled accuracy and dynamic range.
Summary Summary MRIL-XL™ Service Delivers Superior NMR Logging
The Halliburton DeepSuite™ MRIL®-XL and MRIL®-XL services provide nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) fluid-filled porosity, which is mineralogy independent.
Summary Summary AutoDip™ and TrendSetter™ Services
Halliburton AutoDip™ and TrendSetter™ services automate dip and dip trend analysis of electrical micro-imaging borehole data.
Summary Summary Powered Capstan
The industry’s highest-capacity capstan
Summary Summary Oil Mud Reservoir Imager (OMRI™) Tool
The latest addition to Halliburton's borehole imaging solutions is the OMRI™ tool for use in oil-based muds. The OMRI tool generates crisp, high-resolution digital images of the well bore down to one inch of vertical resolution, instead of one foot of vertical resolution that is available with conventional logging tools. The extra resolution makes thin bed pay and other important features clearly visible.
Summary Summary LOGIQ® Compensated Spectral Natural Gamma Ray (CSNG™)
The LOGIQ® CSNG™ tool measures the entire gamma ray spectrum, from 0 to 3,000 keV. The tool uses special borehole compensation techniques to provide the industry's most precise and accurate logs of potassium, uranium, and thorium concentrations. Measurement precision curves and tool diagnostics help validate logging data in the formation. A unique, patented low atomic number tool case enables gamma rays to be measured for accurate data retrieval in cased or open hole environments.
Summary Summary Xaminer® Coring Tool
The Halliburton Xaminer® Coring Tool drills large diameter cores perpendicular to the borehole wall while continuously monitoring the coring process.
Summary Summary GEM™ Elemental Analysis Tool
Halliburton’s GEM™ elemental analysis tool offers quick and precise evaluations of complex mineralogies, using proven interpretation processes and integrated petrophysical analysis.
Summary Summary LOGIQ® InSite® Directional Tool (IDT-I)
The IDT-I technology provides accurate information to determine borehole inclination and azimuth. When this information is combined with relative dip and dip azimuth measured by other tools, like dipmeters or multicomponent induction tools, true dip and dip azimuth of the dipping formations can be obtained.
Summary Summary MRIL-2D Fluid Characterization
MRIL-2D Fluid Characterization data sheet
Summary Summary Xaminer® Multicomponent Induction (MCI) Tool
Halliburton’s Xaminer® Multicomponent Induction (MCI) tool enables the evaluation of anisotropic formations by measuring the formation resistivity both vertically and horizontally at different depths of investigation.
Summary Summary Hostile Array Compensated Resistivity Tool (HACRt™)
Fast, accurate, induction for hostile environments
Summary Summary Super Combo Unit
Efficient cased-hole and slickline unit, Small footprint, Easy and quick rig up
Summary Summary Releasable Wireline Cable Head (RWCH™ Tool)
The Releasable Wireline Cable Head (RWCH™ tool) has an electrically activated wireline-release system instead of the tension-activated release system of conventional cable heads.
Summary Summary Hostile Density Neutron (HDNT™) Tool
Helps provide accurate data in HP/HT conditions
Summary Summary Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) Formation Tester
When flexibility and versatility are required, the Halliburton Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) tool collects—in a single deployment—formation pressure, fluid ID, and samples.
Summary Summary Cased Hole Slickline Unit
Efficient openhole unit, Small footprint, Easy and quick rig up
Summary Summary ACE™ Advanced Cement Evaluation Process
The Halliburton ACE™ advanced cement evaluation process helps provide quick, accurate information concerning cement bond for all standard logging tools and procedures for any type of cement mixtures, including foam, latex, and other complex slurries.
Summary Summary Openhole Unit
Efficient openhole unit, Small footprint, Easy and quick rig up
Summary Summary Crossed-Dipole (HTI-F) Anisotropy Frequency Analysis
The broadband firing of the Xaminer®-level dipole sources allows for a full-frequency analysis and the generation of mechanism plots for visually identifying the possible causes of the anisotropy that can then be confirmed with other sensors, such as resistivity and acoustic imaging.
Summary Summary Crossed-Dipole (HTI) Anisotropy Analysis
Sonic crossed-dipole anisotropy analysis—the analysis of shearslownesscharacteristics around the borehole—is modeled in theindustry as a formation with horizontal transverse isotropy (HTI).
Summary Summary Quartz Gauge Section–HG - HP - Gulf of Mexico
Data Sheet
Summary Summary Hydraulic Jars
Halliburton’s LockJar® Conductor E-Line Hydraulic Jar provides a simple way to protect against time-consuming and expensive stuck strings and fishing jobs in cased hole logging and perforating operations.
Summary Summary LockJar® Multi-Conductor E-Line Hydraulic Jar
Simple, effective device for freeing a stuck tool string during openhole logging
Summary Summary Releasable Cable Heads
As part of our integrated risk management system, our Releasable Wireline Cable Head (RWCH) enables the maximum pull force during multiconductor logging operations.
Summary Summary Mono Conductor Tension Device
Designed to operate with perforating guns or other explosive services, Halliburton’s Mono-Conductor Tension Device (MCTD) provides downhole tension measurements at the cablehead for improved operational control.
Summary Summary Halliburton Free-Point Tool
With fast, single-trip operation, our electromechanical tool provides precise free point location without the need for multiple time-consuming stop and set measurements of traditional free point tools.
Summary Summary Deepwater Reservoir Solution Center (DW-RSC)
Offers world-class solutions and services in a wide variety of deepwater reservoirs, from conventionals to turbidites and presalt carbonates.
Summary Summary Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) Tool
Wireline formation pressure testing and sampling runs should be quick, completed in a single descent, provide pure single phase fluid samples, and deliver the required pressure tests along with the associated mobilities and pressure gradients. The Halliburton Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) employs several best in class features to help you meet these goals.
Summary Summary DeepSuite™ Wireline Tool Technology
Unmatched Deepwater Wireline and Perforating Capabilities. Halliburton has absolutely everything needed to help safely and successfully perform jobs in any deepwater environment. Our innovative solutions feature new capabilities that redefine what is possible in ultra-deepwater plays and enable new levels of risk mitigation for operators.
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