Zero-Offset Vertical Seismic Profiles



High Resolution Data for Better Reservoir Characterization

Providing precise velocity information as well as true Seismic Wavelet well tie with Phase, Frequency, and Time/Depth, a Zero-Offset VSP can help identify a reservoir target "ahead of the bit," or confirm that the target has been drilled.

Even in deviated wellbores and complex structures, the higher frequency of our Zero-Offset VSP produces greater vertical resolution than surface seismic for a much higher-resolution "subsurface image" of the near well corridor stack.


  • Provides greater vertical and lateral spatial resolution than surface seismic
  • Improves velocity analysis for surface seismic processing with an accurate velocity model
  • 3-Component geophones capture all wave modes providing Shear and Compressional images
  • Provides rock properties / pore pressure indicators
  • Q Estimation,AVO Calibration and Anisotropy parameters to enhance Surface Seismic resolution
  • Provides high resolution images and attributes beneath and away from the well for inter-well reservoir imaging
  • High Resolution Imaging for reservoir boundaries, salt flank imaging, and fault identification in complex areas
  • Provides best geometry to fully image near wellbore formations, and correlates to
    3-D surface seismic 

Zero-Offset Vertical Seismic Profiles

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