Offset Vertical Seismic Profile VSP



Offset, Walkaway and 3D VSPs image the formation in one or more directions laterally away and beneath the wellbore. The results are high-resolution 2D and 3D P&S images that yield important structural and stratigraphic information which assists in reservoir delineation, including identification of faults and salt flanks, as well as enhancing AVO calibration and anisotropy detection.

Integrated with surface seismic and well-logging data, Offset VSP data can be used to define and describe formation rock properties / pore pressure indicators, and identify other reservoir details with very high resolution. The results give operators a clearer understanding of the best ways to exploit the reservoir, enabling more accurate drilling decisions.


  • Provides greater vertical and lateral spatial resolution than surface seismic
  • Improves velocity analysis for surface seismic processing with an accurate velocity model
  • 3-Component geophones capture all wave modes providing Shear and Compressional images
  • Provides rock properties / pore pressure indicators Q Estimation, AVO Calibration and Anisotropy parameters to enhance Surface Seismic resolution
  • Provides high resolution images and attributes beneath and away from the well for inter-well reservoir imaging
  • High Resolution Imaging for reservoir boundaries, salt flank imaging, and fault identification in complex areas
  • Provides best geometry to fully image near wellbore formations, and correlates to 3-D surface seismic   

Offset Vertical Seismic Profile VSP

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