Reservoir Engineering

Helping maximize production potential through superior technology

Reservoir engineering is critical to the complete evaluation of your reservoirs. With that in mind, we have invested significantly to create a comprehensive portfolio of services. These services are supported by a network of petrotechnical experts armed with advanced answer products. Take your time to evaluate what we can do for you.

Formation and Reservoir Solutions (FRS) Reservoir Engineering

Our reservoir engineers collaborate with customers worldwide to create clearer reservoir understanding and help lower overall cost per BOE. We integrate all available data to optimize the testing program, saving significant rig time and subsequently overall formation evaluation cost. Harnessing the power of our technologies for your reservoirs, we will help improve your understanding of your reservoir.

Downhole Fluid Identification

Until now, downhole fluid analysis has been limited. Optical analyzers could tell you when your sample was pure enough to collect. Rarely could they tell you which fluid components were present and in what proportions. Understanding the fluid type, composition, and contamination is a critical part of formation testing. Our suite of sensors enables full characterization of the fluid in your reservoir.

Formation Testing

Hydrocarbon fluid identification, porosity characterization, and permeability are necessary input data for a strategy to determine intervals for drillstem tests and robust resource estimations. The gradient and samples obtained from formation testing are crucial in determining thickness, quality, and connectivity of the hydrocarbon zone. And, in turn, properly assess the commercial viability of the well. Our broad portfolio of formation testing services ensures that no matter the pressure or temperature of your well, we’re the top-tier technology provider for you.

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