Production Logging

Critical production solutions when and how you need them.    

Determining production contributions and fluid properties downhole is easier using our analysis expertise and production diagnostic-related technologies. Our solution-driven services and analysis enable critical decision making to optimize production for your well.  

Production flow information in highly deviated or horizontal wells

With a wide variety of velocity, density, and fluid identification sensors, we offer a comprehensive and complete portfolio of production logging services. Dictated by the wellbore flow conditions and well structure, we will customize your logging string to meet your exact needs. Our standard services are ideally suited for vertical wells, and our array tools for highly deviated or even horizontal wells.

Improving production fluids through cased-hole sampling

Our Armada® cased-hole sampler captures 400 cc of pressure-compensated single-phase production fluids while monitoring the pressure, temperature, and other information in real time. This extremely large sample provides enough PVT-type fluid for a multitude of tests. We can gather two independent samples in one trip in the well.

Can you image a leak behind pipe? Yes, we can.
Our new Acoustic Conformance Xaminer® tool uses an array of highly sensitive hydrophones to triangulate on any noise in or around the wellbore. These measurements identify the radial and vertical location of the flow or leak. The array information can also produce a 2D flow map of the flow, illustrating what the leak is. This takes the guesswork out of the analysis.

Solutions, not just data
We are focused on finding solutions that help you have better production. We provide leading-edge technologies, innovation, and expertise for production flow and treatments.

Wireline-Conveyed Armada® Fluid Sampling Tool (FST)
Production fluid analysis is needed to determine physical and chemical properties that affect recovery rates, economics, and flow assurance during the life cycle of the well. Simply taking your sample from surface will give only a partial picture. Our wireline-conveyed Armada® Fluid Sampling Tool (FST) collects single-phase (pressure/volume/temperature (PVT) quality) samples downhole, directly in front of your target reservoir.

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