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Petrophysical understanding is critical to the complete evaluation of your reservoirs. With that in mind, we have invested significantly to create a comprehensive portfolio of services. These services are supported by a network of petrotechnical experts armed with advanced answer products. Take your time to evaluate what we can do for you.

Formation and Reservoir Solutions (FRS)

Petrophysical evaluation helps reduce uncertainty and manage risk throughout the life of a reservoir. Hydrocarbon fluid identification, porosity characterization, saturation estimations, and permeability are necessary input data for robust resource estimates. They are also used to formulate a strategy for reservoir development. Our Formation and Reservoir Solutions (FRS) team, along with superior downhole sensor technology, can help you evaluate your reservoirs in the most challenging environments. Our teams are ready to share their global expertise in both clastic and carbonate rocks, as well as conventional and unconventional reservoirs.


Our dielectric logging services are uniquely suited to provide the best insight when dealing with low-resistivity contrast pay. Integrated with total porosity, we derive flushed zone water saturation, Sxo. Unlike other Sxo measurements, the water saturation from our dielectric measurement is not affected by water salinity, clay content, or rock textural parameters (m).

Magnetic Resonance Logging Services (NMR)

Halliburton NMR services provide a comprehensive range of formation evaluation applications to address our customer challenges. These applications address a wide range of oils, gas, and unconventional reservoirs. All NMR applications are capable of being integrated into Halliburton advanced analysis products, such as ShaleXpert™, TightGasXpert™, CarbonateXpert™, and TurbiditeXpert™ services.

Nuclear Logging

Nuclear measurements are a long-standing technique for evaluating the subsurface in the industry. Our comprehensive suite of nuclear tools enables the complete and safe characterization of your reservoirs.

Pulsed Neutron Logging

Pulsed-neutron technology is a vital tool for engineers and petrophysicists to find oil and gas reservoirs and manage them more effectively. These measurements give insight into formation and fluid properties of the reservoir and much more. It’s primarily used in openhole and cased-hole environments to provide saturation, porosity, shale, and mineralogy information of the well. Its versatility also extends to water flow detection and gravel pack evaluation.

Resistivity Logging

The quest to measure true formation resistivity (Rt) has challenged petrophysicists for decades. Our portfolio of array resistivity logging services takes the guesswork out of your interpretations. They provide a value of Rt that’s closer than ever to the true Rt of the formation. Array resistivity tools offer answers at multiple depths of investigation, removing undesired effects and aiding in understanding, visualizing, and even quantifying the invasion process.

Rock Characterization with Ingrain Services

Digital rock analysis provides a quantitative understanding of fine-grained strata and intricate pore networks that are challenging to quantify with other methods. Our proprietary multiscale imaging analysis and interpretation rapidly unravels the distribution of reservoir rock properties. This improves the characterization of your reservoir when combined with wireline and other lab data sets.

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