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Geologic understanding is critical to the complete evaluation of your reservoirs. With that in mind, we have invested significantly to create a comprehensive portfolio of services. These services are supported by a network of petrotechnical experts armed with advanced answer products. Take your time to evaluate what we can do for you.

Formation and Reservoir Solutions (FRS) Geology

Our teams collaborate with customers worldwide to create clearer reservoir understanding. We integrate available data like surface-logging data (mud logs), mineralogy from elemental spectroscopy, and conventional formation evaluation tools to enable sound decision making. We help solve complex challenges in clastic and carbonate environments, as well as conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Elemental Analysis - Precise evaluation of complex mineralogies

Offering quick and precise evaluations of complex mineralogies, our GEM™ elemental analysis tool uses proven interpretation processes and integrated petrophysical analysis. A neutron-induced capture gamma-ray spectroscopy logging system, the GEM tool derives elemental contributions contained within the total measured gamma-ray energy spectrum.

Borehole Imaging - Technology to clearly visualize downhole geology

High-resolution images of the borehole can be used to identify a variety of geological attributes. These images can also provide insight into the condition of the borehole, stress, and rock mechanics around the borehole, and assist in porosity determination.

Rotary Coring - Innovative, engineered technology for securing high-quality rock samples

With our rotary sidewall coring services, high-quality rock samples can be easily acquired in a single run, providing samples for routine and specialty core analysis (SCAL). Core analysis enables a better understanding of well conditions and estimating storage characteristics of the matrix. This significantly enhances economic value and reduces your exploration and development risk.

Rock Characterization - Rapidly Characterize Your Rock at Multiple Scales

Ingrain integrated Digital and Physical Core Analysis provides a robust understanding of reservoir quality. This new approach establishes the relationship between bulk rock properties and multiscale image analysis for a more holistic understanding of the effective rock properties. This relationship is a key indication of hydrocarbon storage and flow. Ingrain analyses are delivered in an unmatched timeframe, enhancing the interpretation of other wireline and perforating technologies needed to unravel reservoir producibility.

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