Rock Characterization with Ingrain Services – Geology

Capture a digital archive of your core

Our Ingrain interactive visualization LithoVision® software easily views core data from any computer. It is used to evaluate the internal structures of cores and plugs in relation to their petrophysical properties.

Build a geologic framework for core analysis programs

The acquisition of high-resolution continuous images through our CoreHD® and PlugHD® services along the core or plug length is a recommended best practice for building a geologic framework. This optimizes sample selection and captures first insights on sample suitability and heterogeneity. It digitally extracts plugs before slabbing and selecting depths to verify rock consistency/competency for better lab results and interpretation.

Visualize rock structures in relation to volume fractions

By using a variety of imaging technologies, we rapidly produce digital versions of a rock (model) at the appropriate resolution for the lithology and sample type under investigation. The Ingrain proprietary multiscale imaging analysis unravels the understanding of rock properties at finer scale. This provides key insight about storage potential and assesses the flow of hydrocarbons in your reservoir.

Leverage rock typing by adding texture-based geological classifications

The link between digital rock properties, lab data and CT textures derived from Ingrain’s multi-scale imaging analysis, improve your petrophysical interpretation and upscaling. Costs are reduced by focusing the analysis on the key hydraulic flow units and productive zones.

CoreHD® Service & CoreHD® Plus Service High Resolution Dual Energy CT Imaging
Providing early visibility into the critical properties of whole core through continuous, high-resolution rock property logs in relevant timeframes.
ZoneID® and PoreHD® Services
Understand the pore system and quantify the relative producibility of different rock textures with Ingrain’s state-of-the-art imaging and interpretation in 2D and 3D. Our proprietary offering provides unmatched image quality and a quantitative understanding of representative volume fractions and pore morphology.

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