Pipeline & Process Services Webinar Series

This webinar series enables you to stay at the forefront of the latest solutions to Optimize Asset Integrity and Performance Management. Join us and watch as an industry leading group of experts and thought leaders share ideas on using these solutions to diagnose problems, plan solutions, and lower overall costs.

On-Demand Webinars

How Nonintrusive Pipeline Diagnostics Can Streamline Your Pipeline Maintenance

What is the cost of your current pipeline maintenance and the associated risks? Learn how pressure wave analysis can accurately and decisively diagnose pipeline issues to providing knowledge that ensures maintenance is executed effectively, economically, and with minimal risk.

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Why Advanced Pipeline Monitoring Can Minimize Costs and Reputational Damage In Case of Product Loss

What impact does the loss of product from pipelines have on your business? Learn how you can detect, locate, and quantify the loss of pipeline inventory in a safe and cost-effective manner without having to stop production, or risk tools or personnel before performing any intervention at the leak site to minimize impacts on your business.

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How to Reduce Rig Time Using Nonintrusive Wellbore Diagnostics During Well Intervention and P&A

How would the reduction of rig time and upfront well access data impact your project costs and planning? Learn how nonintrusive diagnostic solutions can help save significant time, costs, and risks, by providing decisive insight into well conditions to maximize the planning and execution of your campaigns. Pressure wave analysis can assist by minimizing exploratory works, maximizing speed to depth, and ensuring the correct equipment is selected for the execution of project operations to reduce the need for extensive contingencies.

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