Produce oil and restrict unwanted fluids

EquiFlow Density is a novel class of autonomous inflow control device (AICD) developed by Halliburton for oil wells. It effectively manages unwanted fluids production and improves oil recovery.

Unlike conventional AICDs that rely on viscosity contrast, the EquiFlow Density AICD operates by differentiating the density contrast between produced fluids using buoyancy forces enhanced with artificial gravity. This eliminates the need for downhole orientation during completion.

The device's centrifugal selector opens or restricts production flow based on the density of downhole fluids. It has been successfully tested and demonstrated significant restriction of unwanted fluids based solely on density contrast, making it suitable for very light oil reservoirs.

*Halliburton acknowledges Saudi Aramco as sponsor of this product development.

Product Announcement

EquiFlow Density AICD differentiates itself by producing and restricting downhole fluids using density, even when the viscosities are identical. 

This allows operators to optimize hydrocarbon production in wells where current autonomous technologies are limited.

David Loveless - VP, Halliburton Completion Tools
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EquiFlow Density AICD

Balances production flow and restricts unwanted production fluids, even with minimal viscosity difference between the produced fluids

EquiFlow Density AICD


  • Independent of tubing orientation 
  • High-flow-rate capacity at low-pressure differentials 
  • Each device functions independently for precise response to the reservoir

Optional features

  • Sliding sleeve and a washpipe-free feature 
  • Cable bypass 


  • Differentiates solely on density contrast 
  • Maximizes ultimate recovery 
  • Autonomously switches from oil to water and back to oil, as required

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Sand Control

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EquiFlow® inflow control devices

EquiFlow® inflow control devices

EquiFlow® inflow control devices help delay and reduce the flow of unwanted fluids, stimulate balanced, and accelerate production.


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