Subsea Pigging and Hydrostatic Testing Unit (SPHU)

The latest generation SPHU has the ability to change mode while subsea, from pigging to hydrostatic testing mode, eliminating the need to recover the unit during pre-commissioning operations and reducing the time required to complete operations.

Halliburton has combined both pigging and hydrostatic testing capabilities into a single unit, allowing for dual operations in one trip to the seabed.  The SPHU is a proven system that can regulate flow, monitor and inject up to four separate chemicals during operations. The unit provides filtration and chemical treatment of flooding water while continuously regulating, monitoring and data logging the flooding, pigging and hydrostatic testing operation.

 Features and Benefits:

  • High pressures common during hydrostatic testing operations are removed from personnel work areas
  • Switching modes while subsea eliminates recovery times to surface
  • Dual purpose unit is a cost effective solution
  • Minimal deck space required compared to conventional equipment
  • Minimal personnel required for flooding as well as testing
  • Depth capability upgraded to 3,500 m (11,500 ft)
  • Maximum standard payload is 6 m3 (1,600 gal) and can inject up to four separate chemicals simultaneously

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