InnerVue™ WellSuite Diagnostics Service

InnerVue™ WellSuite is a nonintrusive diagnostic solution providing decisive insight into well conditions. InnerVue optimizes planning and execution of your campaigns—reducing risk, rig time, and CO2 emissions.

Throughout well lifetime multiple changes can affect its production. Malfunctions of the completion such as stuck closed/open isolation valves. Buildup of sand, scale, salt, paraffin or wax. Lost tools from previous interventions restricting flow. InnerVue WellSuite can help diagnose all these issues and more.

InnerVue technology is based on pressure wave analysis whereby a pressure wave travels through the media at the speed of sound reflecting with a signature profile. InnerVue is unique with its lightweight equipment that can be airfreighted and minimal time required in the field for data collection. Collected data is analyzed in cloud-based InnerVue Software. Information from the non-intrusive diagnostics can significantly improve planning, equipment selection and reduce intervention risk.

The technology has no limitation on well depth, deviation or temperature. The hydrodynamic wave can travel through different liquids, gases, water, brines and oil, reaching obstructions and blockages in the wellbore or in the annulus.


Blockage location

  • Identification of sand blockages in the well prior to WL/SL or CT operations reducing tripping time and operational risk
  • Locating top of cement plugs during P&A campaigns reducing rig time and resources involved (DP, CT, WL tripping/out tagging top of cement)
  • Testing the function of the lower and upper completion valves (open/close) removing uncertainties quickly and decisively after completion installation or during well production
  • Determining lost tool depth, improving tripping speed to get to the depth safely, saving time and resources required during fishing operations

Well Profiling

  • Diagnostics of scale buildup in the wellbore prior to WL/SL intervention. Pinpointing location and severity of the scale to reduce misruns and lost-in-hole time
  • Quantifying sand build up in the wellbore and its severity helps to reduce water and chemical use during cleanout operations
  • Monitoring paraffin, wax and asphaltene buildup over the well life-cycle and evaluating effectiveness of chemical use
  • Profiling of the well provides advanced insight for planning P&A campaigns, reducing the number of contingencies and wasted time in costly rig operations
  • Identification of wellbore deformations due to tubing or casing collapse eliminating the requirement for intrusive WL/SL operations

Annulus Diagnostics

  • Identification of top of cement in the annulus for accurate punch or cut of the casing during P&A campaigns reducing the chance of additional runs
  • Identification of top of cement, barite or salt build up in the annulus for well integrity analysis, removing uncertainties
  • Assist reconstructing old wells that are missing information on annulus cement locations

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