InnerVue™ Non-Intrusive Pipeline and Wellbore Diagnostics

Profile and locate pipeline and wellbore deposits quickly and safely via non-intrusive pressure wave analysis  

World Oil Awards 2018 FinalistThe InnerVue™ Diagnostics Service is a low risk, fast and accurate technique used to detect flow inefficiencies caused by deposits such as wax or hydrates, stuck pig or tool and leaks / illegal hot-taps. A pressure wave is created at one end of the pipeline which travels at the speed of sound through the medium in the pipeline or wellbore. Without the need for intrusive intervention, the InnerVue service interprets pressure waves reflecting from changes in the internal diameter of the pipeline or wellbore and extrapolates these pressure reflections into deposit profiles or blockage and leak locations.

The InnerVue service has been successfully deployed across the world both in pipelines and wellbores to profile pipelines during pigging campaigns, locate lost inline inspection tools and verify top of cement depth, as well as many other scenarios. It allows operators to survey systems in a safe and cost-effective manner without having to stop production, risk inserting tools into the system, or investing in costly intervention campaigns.

Pipeline benefits:

  • Optimized planned pipeline remediation
  • Increased confidence in success prior to running a maintenance pig
  • Evaluate and track maintenance operations, such as a chemical cleaning program
  • Make better decisions regarding high-risk pipelines
  • Conduct comparative or baseline surveys during pre-commissioning
  • Detect an unknown pipeline feature (tee, wye)
  • Locate and quantify leaks
  • Report and recommendation on pipeline diagnosis and analysis from Halliburton experts

Well benefits:

  • Increased confidence in the condition of the casing/tubing before P&A operations
  • Eliminates the need for a wireline run to locate top of cement
  • Eliminates the need for a top side set-up change for wireline to assess casing wall profile / top of cement location
  • Reduced risk of stuck tool in the well
  • Conduct comparative or baseline surveys to assess chemical program effectiveness   

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