Halliburton Slickline TruckHalliburton invented slickline services more than 75 years ago. You could say we taught the competition everything they know. But we didn't teach them everything we know.

Today, to cut well intervention costs and boost production, we collaborate closely with you in every part of the world. It's not surprising that everything starts with experienced, well-trained Halliburton professionals who help cut the frequency of trips into the well and restore full production with minimum NPT and innovative solutions.

Count on us to provide every slickline capability from basic completion intervention applications to advanced services, from recording accurate flow profiles or reservoir boundaries to perforating, setting packers, and other mechanical interventions typically performed on electric line. Here's where you'll find slickline technologies brought to the peak of performance – as only our team members can.


TMD3D™ (Thermal Multigate Decay - 3 Detector) Logging Tool
Thermal Multigate Decay-Lithology provides valuable information about formations, reservoirs, tool operation, and recovery techniques.
Smart Release Tool
The Halliburton Smart Release tool (SRT) was designed for use in deepwater wells, as a contingency for releasing from the tool string if the bottomhole assembly becomes stuck
Memory Production Logging (MPL℠ ) Service
Memory Production Logging Service employs downhole memory to record accurate flow profiles and diagnostics, then plays back its captured data when tools are retrieved.
DPU®-Actuated Tubing Perforator
The Halliburton Downhole Power Unit (DPU®) -actuated Tubing Perforator offers a nonexplosive, cost-effective solution to create a single perforation hole in tubing or casing.
MaxFire™ Slickline Electronic Firing System
The Halliburton MaxFire™ SL Electronic Firing system hasnumerous built-in safety features, which enable explosive toolsto be deployed and initiated on slickline, coil tubing, or jointedpipe. The tool uses temperature, pressure, tool motion and timeparameters, which must all match programmed values before thetool can function.
RELAY™ Digital Slickline System
In an industry where time is money, the ability to optimize well interventions and make decisions quickly is invaluable. Introducing the RELAY™ system

Slickline Services

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RELAY™ Digital Slickline System
Intelligent slickline conveyance for well intervention. Ruggedly built, it helps reduce uncertainty during well.