Xaminer® Array Sonic Tool

Ultra-reliable crossed-dipole sonic tool

WaveSonic Crossed-Dipole Sonic Tool

Our Xaminer® Array Sonic Tool (XAST™) service offers simultaneous monopole and crossed-dipole sonic information. P-wave and S-wave slowness can be obtained in a range of formation conditions, borehole sizes, and even extreme borehole hydrostatic pressures. The far-spaced broadband monopole source provides information about fast formations and Stoneley with leaky-mode data in slow formations. The flexural wave energy is propagated from two low-frequency, on-depth, crossed-dipole bender-bar sources that allow anisotropy resolution using the full receiver array. The flexural-wave data dispersion analysis provides information about both near and far fields. All 128 waveforms for each set of transmitter firings are recorded at the surface for advanced waveform processing.

No stress determining your stresses

Our ultra-reliable far-spaced monopole and crossed-dipole tool measures formation elastic properties from P, S, and Stoneley. The XAST service can also estimate minimum and maximum principal stresses and stress-field orientation. This analysis is achieved by combining oriented slowness data with overburden and pore-pressure data.

Our high-pressure XAST service is ideal for deepwater applications of slowness measurement for geomechanical analysis, wellbore stability, and production enhancement-treatment design.

Determine the orientation of natural fractures

Sonic anisotropy and the orientation of the anisotropy can be used to determine the orientation of natural fractures. Measuring sonic attributes—P-wave slowness, fast and slow shear-wave traveltime, Stoneley wave identification of compressive fluids in borehole-connected fractures, and anisotropy orientation—help improve 3D seismic analysis and completion design.

Xaminer® Array Sonic Tool

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