Scientifically improving your reserves in unconventionals

By preserving 100% of the fluids within the core sample, we're able to define critical fluid properties of the hydrocarbons in the reservoir. This enables a more accurate simulation of production—a world's first for the industry.

Traditional coring tools let fluids escape from samples as they depressurized. As a result, analysis had to be based on estimates of fluids lost rather than measurement of fluids in place. Measurements of samples obtained with the CoreVault system showed 2.5 times more oil and gas in place than previously estimated.

Smarter coring through full automation

With a fully automated coring system controlling all parameters, the ability to core in the toughest environments is possible. Our system can operate in either pressure- or torque-controlled coring modes that optimize the coring time.

Know your core recovery downhole, not at surface

Traditional rotary coring services can't identify if a core is actually recovered. Operators must waste valuable rig time taking extra cores or must make additional runs to acquire missed cores. Our tool accurately measures each core cut, guaranteeing your core has been recovered from every requested depth.

CoreVault™ Fluid Sampling Solution

CoreVault™ Fluid Sampling Solution

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