Superior borehole images, even in highly resistive formations

The X-tended Range Micro Imager (XRMI™) service, a wireline borehole imaging tool, is designed to obtain quality images even in envirionments with a high formation resistivity to mud resistivity (Rt:Rm) ratio. 

Pads mounted on six independently articulated arms help maintain pad contact in rugose, washed-out, elliptical, or highly deviated boreholes. Further, a high sampling rate (120 samples per foot) and borehole coverage help obtain high-resolution pictures of the borehole walls. 

Reduce E&P risks

The XRMI service helps redcue risk by taking the guess-work out of identifying the subsurface sedimentary sequence and discribe the reservoir facies. The XRMI service will also show bedding dips that help rationalize the choice for the next drilling location. You can also choose sidewall core zones, formation testing zones, and perforation intervals accurately by integrating images with other open-hole logs. 

High-resolution XRMI tool image shows high energy slumping in an Austin Chalk well.
High-resolution XRMI tool image shows high energy slumping in an Austin Chalk well.

Resolution images even in high resistivities


Independent arms for better centralization

An XRMI formation evaluation answer product.
An XRMI formation evaluation answer product.

Get a full understanding of your reservoir structure

The first image track shows the static-equalized image, and the second image track exhibits the texture-enhanced high-resolution image. The central dip-track shows the results of an automated dip-picking application. The sharp change in the dip azimuths from west to east is due to “slump faulting.” The base of the channel sand is also a scoured surface.

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