New-generation magnetic resonance logging 

Examine your reservoir’s smallest pores and characterize formations with excellent bed resolution using best-in-class magnetic resonance logging technology. The Halliburton Xaminer® Magnetic Resonance (XMR™) service, with its new-generation magnetic resonance wireline sensor, provides full reservoir fluid characterization and formation evaluation.  


"The XMR service can be deployed in mature fields, deepwater, and unconventional reservoirs to provide superior formation resolution and help reduce field risks.”

Chris Tevis, VP of Wireline & Perforating

XMR Service — a revolution in resolution

The XMR™ provides fluid-filled porosity that’s mineral independent. Learn how it delivers sharp formation bed resolution at a lower cost.

XMR Service — a revolution in resolution

Fluid characterization T1-T2-diffusion


More data than traditional sensors


PSI rated

50% +

The power of traditional sensors



Assessing the over-mature fringes of organic shale plays

When a Marcellus Shale operator needed to decide whether to develop an area of high-thermal maturity, they turned to Halliburton.


One-of-a-kind insights 

The Xaminer® Magnetic Resonance (XMR™) service is the industry’s only high-pressure-rated downhole sensor that provides comprehensive nuclear magnetic resonance logging and measurements to improve reservoir insight. 


2D and 3D fluid typing 

The XMR™ delivers more detailed formation data including 2D and 3D fluid characterization, carbonate pore-size classification, T1T2 metrics, unconventional analysis, and permeability. 


More data on less power  

The service can acquire approximately eight times more data with less than half the power of traditional sensors. 

Versatile deployment, lower costs

Operators can deploy the XMR service in nearly every openhole logging environment, helping reduce capital expenditures by eliminating the need for multiple sensors. It can log up and down a well and retrieve multiple logging passes in one trip—critical in poor hole conditions.

Seamless integration 

Data collected fits seamlessly into advanced integrated analysis platforms such as ShaleXpert™, TurbiditeXpert™, CarbondateXpert™, and TightGasXpert™ services.


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