Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool-Visualization (CAST-V™) Tool

CAST-V Tool - Borehole Imaging

Our Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool (CAST-V™) technology provides a wealth of information about your well in open and cased holes. In open holes, the CAST-V tool provides complete borehole imaging for accurate, precise formation evaluation. The bottom-only service offers a full 360-degree profile of the borehole that can be presented in a variety of 2D and 3D formats.

During logging, an ultrasonic transducer continuously rotates, firing an ultrasonic pulse and measuring the reflection of this pulse on the borehole wall. The time between the firing and arrival of the reflected pulse is used to accurately measure the distance to the formation. The amplitude of the received pulse is used to create the amplitude image, which is a function of the formation’s acoustic reflectivity. Real-time fluid cell measures borehole-fluid transit time and fluid impedance. The fluid transit time is used to correct the internal radius measurements, and the acoustic impedance is used as a quality-control monitor.

Fill in the gaps of other microimagers
CAST-V images clearly identify fractures, vugs, laminations, and rock texture changes. The full circumferential coverage is a natural complement for images obtained with microresistivity imaging tools with limited borehole coverage.

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Halliburton Integrated Abandonment Solutions offers complete well diagnostics through its cased-hole portfolio. Combining tool outputs, a complete pre-abandonment diagnosis of the well is carried out.
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