3D Salt Proximity


Using 3-component downhole geophones, Halliburton refraction salt proximity methods can help operators drill around salt formations, locate "attic oil" deposits, and guide directional drilling to potential accumulations of hydrocarbons found up-dip from producing horizons and trapped  against the salt.


  • Simple and robust methodology
  • Provides an accurate 3D description of the salt flank using X,Y, Z salt exit points in 3D space
  • Potential to save costs by avoiding troublesome salt drilling
  • Combined 3D Salt Proximity & Offset VSP 
  • Provides assurances and redundancy of the salt flank interpretation
  • Reflected energy off up-dip sands terminates at the salt-sediment boundary
  • Reflected energy off the salt flank confirms Salt Proximity Exit Point results and links the truncations of the sediment reflections
BHS Salt 

3D Salt Proximity

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