Acoustic Logging

Cutting-edge technology. High-science applications.

Our latest-generation acoustic tools use state-of-the-art technology to characterize seismic properties, geomechanics, and completion needs in a wide range of reservoirs. Our portfolio of services is capable of operating up to 500°F (260°C) or 30,000 psi. We have the technology and the petrotechnical expertise to ensure you get the most out of your next evaluation.


  • Determining porosity, lithology, and pore pressure
  • Seismic time-to-depth correlation
  • Understanding rock mechanical properties
  • Evaluating fractures and permeability
  • Evaluating cement bond
  • Radial profiling
  • Altered zone detection
  • Acoustic imaging
  • Stoneley analysis of fractures
  • Transverse anisotropy for seismic analysis
Xaminer® Sonic Imager
Our Xaminer® Sonic Imager (XSI) service provides high-fidelity data via its quiet tool design, hybrid onboard memory and real-time wireline telemetry data paths, and advanced processing capabilities. The state-of-the-art design enables characterization of seismic properties, geomechanics, and completion needs in a wide range of reservoirs.
Hostile WaveSonic® Tool
Our small-diameter Hostile WaveSonic® Tool is the only high-temperature (HT) cross-dipole sonic tool in the industry capable of operating in your most extreme environments. Combinable with the HEAT™ Suite tools, if high temperature is your challenge, this service is the clear choice for your next HT evaluation.
Xaminer® Array Sonic Tool
Our Xaminer® Array Sonic Tool (XAST) service offers simultaneous monopole and crossed-dipole sonic information. P-wave and S-wave slowness can be obtained in a range of formation conditions, borehole sizes, and even extreme borehole hydrostatic pressures. This ultra-reliable far-spaced monopole and crossed-dipole tool can also estimate minimum and maximum principal stresses and stress-field orientation.

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