Innovative carbon capture technologies to combat corrosive environments 

Removing CO2 from the atmosphere is critical to meet decarbonization targets. In CCS well construction, CO2 is injected into underground wells for storage. Re-purposing existing wells that were previously drilled or completed years ago presents significant risk due to lack of understanding of the viability of the annular seal. For underground storage of CO2, environmental regulators now require new wells to be constructed for CCS applications to increase likelihood of long term barriers in these highly corrosive environments. 

Cementing a CCS well is challenging because CO2 in the presence of water can produce carbonic acid. Conventional Portland cement degrades in the presence of carbonic acid, potentially leading to a loss of well integrity. In CCS well construction, it is critical to design for traditional operational parameters like downhole temperatures and pressures.

Halliburton has decades of experience designing annular barriers for corrosive environments. We tailor our technologies to meet the unique challenges required to achieve superior wellbore integrity in a range of CO2 environments using modified Portland cement designs, Resin Modified cement systems, and non-Portland solutions, along with advanced well integrity software modeling. 

Non-Portland Barriers

  • Completely remove components that react with corrosive environments
  • Reduce possible pathways for gas or fluid to enter the cement sheath over time

  • WellLock® Resin System - Non-Portland, epoxy resin, which is highly ductile and corrosion resistant making it an ideal solution for concentrated CO2 and other acidic conditions. 
  • ThermaLock™ Cement System – A non-Portland aluminate phosphate cement system that is corrosion resistant in CO2 laden and high temperature environments. 
  • ThermaLock™ II Cement System - An extension of the legacy ThermaLock cement system formulated from a more sustainable raw material.
  • ThermaLock™ III Cement System - An enhanced ThermaLock cement system formulated with augmented mechanical properties for highly acidic environments with the addition of significant thermal and stress cycles. 

Modified Portland Barriers

  • Reduce components that react with CO2
  • Tailor with supplemental additives to lower permeability and increase ductility

  • CorrosaCem™ Cement System - Portland cement blend tailored to have lower permeability in corrosive environments.
  • CorrosaLock™ Cement System - Resin Modified cement system with enhanced resistance to CO2 alteration and ductility in comparison to conventional Portland cement designs.

Software modeling for well integrity assurance

  • Design to withstand challenging downhole operations for the lifetime of the barrier 

iCem® Service - Superior 3D modeling capabilities allow us to ensure accurate placement of our engineered cement systems and assure their ability to provide long term zonal isolation, even in the harshest CO2 environments. 

WellLife® Service – Advanced software modeling capabilities that can ensure the optimum cement system to reduce the risk of damage to the cement sheath, and thereby prevent zonal isolation failure for the life of the well. 


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