Tailored CCUS cementing solution

The CorrosaLock™ cement system, part of our CCUS solutions portfolio, is tailored to provide excellent chemical resistance to CO2 and enhanced mechanical properties that minimize the impact of cyclic loading on the mechanical integrity of the cement barrier.

Significantly reduces permeability compared to conventional Portland

Delivers enhanced elasticity and shear bond strength

Resistant to chemical alteration caused by carbonation

Reduced permeability provides superior corrosion resistance

The CorrosaLock cement system is a composite of Portland-based cement and the proprietary Halliburton WellLock® resin system. A specified volume of WellLock resin and cement are blended to yield a system that provides significant permeability reduction. The resin system helps in two ways. First, a portion of the resin creates a film on the composite system’s surface, which creates a coating effect to help with bonding. 

Second, the resin creates small spheres that occupy the pore space within the composite system’s matrix. This reduces the system’s effective porosity and forms an adhesive layer to protect the cement grains from CO2 degradation. The combined coating effect and matrix enhancement benefits result in a greatly reduced permeability composite system, which can provide superior corrosion resistance in dry and aqueous supercritical CO2 environments. 

Enhanced mechanical properties deliver long-term barrier integrity

Incorporation of resin into the design enhances cement sheath elasticity and shear bond strength compared to conventional cement systems. Improved shear bond strength allows the CorrosaLock system to provide increased anchoring to the casing and the formation. This can significantly minimize debonding, which can cause gas migration and integrity loss. The cement sheath is also more crack-resistant to better withstand the downhole forces during cyclic injection. 

CCUS solutions portfolio

The Halliburton CCUS solutions portfolio includes non-Portland, modified Portland, and reduced Portland products. These solutions use tailored chemistries, pure resin, cement and resin composites, and additives to enhance mechanical properties. They also reduce the set cement permeability and deliver an improved CO2-resistant barrier with long-term integrity. 

CorrosaLock™ Cement System

CorrosaLock™ Cement System

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