Assess and monitor critical variables before, during and after a cement job

iCem Service is a software simulator used to help operators optimize the cement operation, regardless of well type or asset. Simulations that once took days to develop and execute are now complete in hours. 

Halliburton-certified technical professionals operate this scientifically grounded analytical tool globally. iCem evaluates the effect of changes to variables, including mud displacement, slurry properties, casing/pipe movement and centralization, fluid volumes, pump rates, and temperature/pressure differentials. 


The iCem Service

The iCem Service is a comprehensive cementing design tool to assess and monitor specific variables before, during and after a cement job in order to help reduce operational risk and increase operational success. 

The iCem Service for Casing Rotation

The iCem Service for Casing Rotation
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  • Aids in optimizing designs for primary cementing, a reverse-circulation job, a balanced plug job, or a post-cementing job evaluation 
  • Prognostic models simulate fluid-flow interaction, displacement phenomena, and stresses in set cement
  • Different results can be compared simultaneously for design evaluation 



Achieve greater wellbore integrity 

In the pursuit of greater wellbore integrity, Halliburton invested two years and significant resources to develop the most advanced analytical tool in the industry.  Based on computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis, iCem simulations enable the evaluation and optimization of cement designs.

Selecting a cement composition for individual wells that has adequate pumping time, sufficient strength development (without excessive wait-on-cement time), and balanced displacement force is complicated. The iCem service simplifies the complexities of achieving a reliable annular seal.

Evaluate critical variables

Operated by Halliburton-certified technical professionals globally, iCem service evaluates the effect of changes to variables, including:

  • Mud displacement 
  • Slurry properties
  • Casing/pipe movement and centralization
  • Fluid volumes
  • Pump rates
  • Temperature/pressure differentials 

Accurately appraise stress

iCem prognostic models appraise the cumulative effect of stress to the cement sheath from pressure and well testing, injection and stimulation treatments, and production cycling. Different results can be compared simultaneously in real time for comprehensive design evaluation. This enables continuous improvement from pre-job planning through to post-job analysis. 

Prognostic models simulate: 

  • Fluid-flow interaction  
  • Displacement phenomena 
  • Stresses in set cement to optimize designs for primary cementing 
  • Reverse-circulation job  
  • Balanced plug job  
  • Post-cementing job evaluation

Get fast analysis for better decisions

iCem helps operators make better decisions faster regardless of the asset they are developing. Simulations that took days to develop and execute are now reduced to 2-3 hours. The calculated time savings against the global volume of wells planned yearly is the equivalent of the annual man hours of 60 technical professionals. 

Simplify the complex

With a uniform platform and single data entry, iCem simplifies complexities while enhancing reliability. By simulating the cement sheath at any point in the life of the well, it answers questions before the job is run. This enables the pre-determination of the true top of cement, the fluid intermingling effect on cement purity, and the extent of mud channeling. This level of investigative modeling helps operators improve well economics with an annular barrier that serves as a foundation to help increase ultimate recovery. 

Customized solutions

iCem service predicts required material choices and volumes which can reduce the cost of an operation. By running various simulations according to an operator’s wellbore architecture design data, cementing solutions can be specifically designed to meet the needs of individual wells in assets worldwide—from geothermal to deepwater, unconventional and thermal recovery.


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