Protecting weak formations from damage

Halliburton is the only oilfield services provider to offer both cementing services and casing equipment globally. We understand what it takes to help operators efficiently run and land casing, while achieving long-term zonal isolation.

The Obex™ annular casing packer was designed to protect wells against damaging weak formations. Obex can be set inside cased holes to provide a high-pressure, gas-tight, casing-to-casing seal. This seal helps mitigate annular gas migration and supports the hydrostatic weight of annular well fluids.

Effective mechanical barriers

Obex is designed to protect weak formations from gas migration

Set the Obex packer at strategic intervals to shorten the fluid column and alleviate the pressure. 

Mechanical barriers for long-term isolation

Obex™ is a plug-operated and mechanically-set packer designed for casing-to-casing applications. It can be used as a standalone packer or coupled with an ES II™ HD stage cementer for multiple-stage cementing operations. 

The Obex annular casing packer can be set:  

  • As a primary barrier for non-cemented applications  

  • As a secondary barrier for compliance with regulatory authorities requiring multiple annular barriers as part of the overall wellbore architecture design

  • Immediately below a multiple-stage cementing tool in the casing string to assist with multiple-stage cementing operations.


A leader in oilfied cementing

Quality cementing products and execution result in quality zonal isolation and improved cement bonds. For over 100 years, Halliburton has been the leader in oilfield cementing solutions and technologies. With multiple laboratories around the world, we deliver unique solutions for improved well conditions.