Superior sealing to mitigate gas migration and protect weak formations from damage

Reliable and effective annular barriers are critical to well management for safety and performance. When sustained casing pressure (SCP) occurs, it is an indication that well integrity has been compromised, often resulting from a failed barrier. SCP impacts wellbore isolation, emissions, well production, and can result in costly remediation. 

Achieving proper isolation in high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) oil and gas wells continues to be a challenge for many operators. As a result, mechanical barriers are often incorporated into the well construction process to ensure effective zonal isolation is achieved. In addition to preserving wellbore integrity, this sustainable cementing solution helps to reduce emissions and reduce the carbon footprint of oil and gas well construction.

The Obex GasLock® casing annulus packer, which is part of the Halliburton Obex® family of compression-set packers, is a mechanical barrier that provides a high-pressure, gas-tight, casing-to-casing seal. Qualified at the industry’s strongest ISO 14310 V0-rating, the Obex GasLock casing annulus packer provides a superior seal to mitigate annular gas migration and support the hydrostatic weight of annular well fluids above the casing packer in wells with weak formation zones. The Obex GasLock casing annulus packer can be used as a standalone packer or coupled with the V0-rated ES-II™ HD stage cementer for multiple-stage cementing operations.


PSI bidirectional packer holding capability


Fahrenheit packer element rating


Lbf bidirectional barrel slip anchoring capability


Validated to ISO 14310 and ISO 14998 standards

Exceptional reliability to prevent sustained casing pressure

  • Superior sealing - The Obex GasLock casing annulus packer is designed for casing-to-casing applications to provide V0-rated isolation assurance. The tool operates by setting the packer elements with a seated plug and applied internal casing pressure. An internal continuous ratchet mechanism keeps the packer compressed from the initiation of the setting until it is fully set. External high strength slips provide a bidirectional anchoring hold that will confirm setting during an over pull test and prevent casing movement in non-cemented applications.
  • Engineered for performance - The Obex GasLock casing annulus packer design utilizes an independent setting sleeve system that eliminates potential weak paths from the setting operation. This feature removes the risk of premature rupture disc failure, often affected by losses in the well, which would traditionally prevent the packer from fully setting.
  • Hydromechanical setting method - Like all the packers in the Obex family, the Obex GasLock casing annulus packer is mechanically set and not inflated. The setting process does not rely on narrow channels that can pack off to operate. Using an internal ratchet mechanism to lock the compression after it is set results in zero weak points in the pack off, which can thereby mitigate sustained casing pressure. Because the casing annulus packer is mechanically set and not inflated it can exceed casing burst and collapse ratings, to offer further increased dependability.
  • Operated with displacement of freefall plugs - This casing annulus packer can be operated with either displacement of freefall plugs, allowing for the tool's use in high inclinations up to 90° or in long wells where plugs can take a long time to drop.

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