Tailored CCUS cementing solution

The CorrosaCem™ cement system, part of our CCUS solutions portfolio, is tailored to provide improved chemical resistance to CO2 and enhanced mechanical properties that minimize the impact of cyclic loading on the mechanical integrity of the cement barrier.

Enhanced corrosion resistance compared to conventional Portland

Modified to reduce permeability and enhance elasticity

Improved mechanical properties minimize the impact of cyclic injection

Tailored to help reduce permeability and enhance elasticity

CorrosaCem cement system is designed  to minimize components that readily react with CO2. Supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), that do not react with CO2, replace the Portland cement in the system. This feature enhances the CO2 corrosion resistance of the system. The modification of the blend with other additives lowers the permeability of the system, which mitigates the potential for CO2 to penetrate the cement matrix. Elastomers and fibers enhance the system’s elasticity to provide a more ductile barrier. This enables a more crack-resistant system to help withstand downhole forces during cyclic injection compared to conventional Portland systems.

CCUS solutions portfolio

The Halliburton CCUS solutions portfolio includes non-Portland, modified Portland, and reduced Portland products. These solutions use tailored chemistries, pure resin, cement and resin composites, and additives to enhance mechanical properties. They also reduce the set cement permeability and deliver an improved CO2-resistant barrier with long-term integrity. The CorrosaCem system is part of our reduced Portland solutions portfolio.


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